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Finance reports show big push for Democrat in sheriff's race



Area candidates have combined to raise tens of thousands of dollars in hopes of Election Day victories.

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— Gary Wall, the Democratic candidate for Routt County sheriff, received significantly more financial contributions than Republican Garrett Wiggins in the weeks leading up to today's election.

Campaign finance reports filed during the weekend with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office show that from Oct. 12 to 29, Wall received $6,240 in monetary or in-kind campaign contributions, compared to $900 for Wiggins. The reports also show that Paul Strong, Republican candidate for Routt County commissioner, received $3,680 in contributions compared to $1,565 for Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush.

The filings also indicate that two of the candidates for Routt County assessor have had difficulties with the filing process.

Wall said Monday that he appreciates the recent support.

"People came to me, were excited about the campaign and wanted to contribute," said Wall, a private investigator. "I did not go out and solicit money."

Wiggins, a narcotics investigator with the Steamboat Springs Police Department, downplayed the difference in contributions.

"I don't think that's going to have a big impact," Wiggins said. "I think by this time in the game, everybody has already determined who they're going to vote for."

The contributions bring Wall's fundraising total to $20,365 and Wiggins' to $21,665.

Both have filed campaign expenditures of more than $11,000, in addition to significant expenditures last week that will appear in future reports.

Despite Strong's recent strong showing, he trails Mitsch Bush in total contributions. Strong, a seven-year member and former president of the Steamboat Springs City Council, has raised $11,835 during the campaign. Mitsch Bush, a nine-year vice chairwoman of the Routt County Planning Commission, has raised $14,280.

"My experience is that my supporters have been more supportive as the election has gotten closer," Strong said. "And maybe I've gotten more forward as I looked at how much money I needed to spend. We have certainly worked harder to raise money in the last month. There's still money coming in."

Mitsch Bush said "people from every sector of our economy" have contributed to her campaign.

"I have had wonderful support - monetary, emotional and volunteer - from all walks of life," she said. "I'm glad it's such a diverse group, and I'm very honored."

In the assessor's race, only Democrat Mike Kerrigan has filed on-time, itemized reports with the Secretary of State throughout the campaign. Unaffiliated candidate Nancy Terry said she has filed her reports manually with staff at the Routt County Clerk and Recorder's Office. The staff held the reports to clarify wording.

"She is one of two that hand-files with us," recording supervisor Tina Fry said about Terry. Fry said the Routt County Democratic Party also files reports manually rather than electronically.

"I do know that there were some questions on (Terry's report)," Fry said. "We do have those reports here."

Terry's report lists $2,386 in loans. She said much of that is her own money, which she listed as a loan instead of as a contribution to herself.

"I think they feel that it needs to be re-worded," Terry said about her filing. "I'll be meeting with them next week to clarify it."

Terry estimated Monday that she has received about $1,500 in contributions and spent about $5,000 on the campaign.

The most recent report filed by Republican candidate Dick Klumker lists $4,125 in "non-itemized" contributions of $19.99 or less, with no individual contributors listed.

Klumker's wife, Peggy, filed the report. She said Monday that computer difficulties and a misunderstanding of filing procedures caused the problem, which she is working to correct.

"I just made an error," she said. "It's not the right thing to do, but I did it. I feel terrible about it."

Kerrigan said he worked hard to file his reports.

"I think for my campaign, it was just about making the commitment to understand what needs to happen, and then doing it," Kerrigan said. "It's somewhat complicated, but I have a great treasurer, and we took it seriously."

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jozy 10 years, 5 months ago




Hmmm 10 years, 5 months ago

Wall stated that he thinks he's done a good job articulating his positions....huh?....he said that Amendment 44 was too complicated to take a stand and that he was, "out of the loop", when it came to GRAMNET and drug related issues. Get smart people, that's not taking a stand....in fact, he never took a stand on anything throughout the entire campaign (go back and read about it). Once again, Wall has proven how delusional he is. It still amazes me that people are going to vote for this whacko (poor background and all).

Today the voters will decide and hopefully they use their common sense and vote for the qualified candidate. If that doesn't happen then Routt County better be ready....Gary Wall will turn law enforcement upside down, he will take both the "serve and protect" out of law enforcement, and he will use tax payer dollars to pull citizens out of ditches with county vehicles paid for by us (the tax payers)....why respond to a baby who is not breathing or a husband beating his wife, when the police can play "tow truck driver" instead.

This Democrat voted and this Democrat voted for the Republican....Wiggins!


seabirth 10 years, 5 months ago

i don't get it, i don't get it, i don't get it.... by the way i don't get it.

why would anyone vote for gary wall? i have yet to hear any positive reasons to vote for this candidate.

i will likely disagree, but i sure would like to hear some reasons to support gary wall, much less give money. there's got to be a reason... maybe these. 1. the cute fake badge.... not as scary as wiggins's real one 2. gary had the bigger sign on the corner of 3 & lincoln this morning... and everyone likes the supersize option. 3. everyone likes change.... how many quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies will i get gary? 4. magnum and the simon brothers were real nice.... so all PI's must be as wonderful as the ones on TV

oh well, today all this will be over and we will soon find out all the answers.


workerbee 10 years, 5 months ago

If you haven't voted yet be prepared, the lines are long! But everyone was in good spirits and I actually had a couple of laughs with everyone in line. Definitely read those ammendments all the way through in line if you haven't already. It makes things move much faster. I can't wait until this is all over, no more commercials, signs, etc!!!!!


seabirth 10 years, 5 months ago

boodog, that's the most intelligent reason i've heard for wall yet........


dave reynolds 10 years, 5 months ago

I sure am glad I voted early..voted split ticket...did vote for the person I thought would be best for Co. and Routt county I voted for Wiggins its very apperant to me that he is way more qualified than Wall..BooDog I'm sure you're smarter than you appear to vote for someone cause numbers voted Wiggins..PAAAAAAAAAAAAAlese I truely hope you are not serious


wissbecklarry 10 years, 5 months ago

I voted for Wall. When Wiggins said he opposed marijuana legalization, he said it was because his jail was full of marijuana offenders. I took this as indication that he feels its important to have a full jail. I prefer a candidate who is more thoughtful than reactionary.


another_local 10 years, 5 months ago

I hope Gary Wall now brings his focus to listen to and work with the law enforcement professionals he will be leading and working with. Likewise, I hope that the law enforcement community, especially those in the Sheriffs office, will recognize that the people have spoken and be willing to try some new things.

Everyone involved deserves the respect of each other and the community and, in my view, bears the obligation to work to make our county the best it can be. (Even if your first choice candidate did not win)

I sincerly hope that Gary's first acts will be to demonstrate respect for the officers of the sheriffs office.


scrubby 10 years, 5 months ago

If I read the Routt County site correctly - and I hope I'm not - he did. I think I'll be packing my bags.


wissbecklarry 10 years, 5 months ago

Be worried people. My vote is usually the kiss of death. Not only am I happy with the results in Routt County and all of Colorado but - " Sanctimoniuos" lost in Pa. and Nancy Pelosi will be irritating all of you misogynists as she proves why Calif. finds her not abrasive but affective. Suddenly, the air seems easier to breathe. Lets work together. P.S. I did vote for one Republican.


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