Wish Granted

Shaman, healer, spiritual teacher changes mindsets



Rob Wergin, shaman, healer and spiritual teacher, moved to Steamboat Springs one month ago from Fort Collins.


Shaman, healer and spiritual teacher Rob Wergin works on a client in a private session. Wergin removes emotional energy blockages that cause dysfunction in the body.


Rob Wergin removes energy blockages from Allison Plean. Wergin says treatments can't be successful unless his clients have faith in what he's doing. "I don't have a magic wand I can wave on people if they don't believe it and really want it," he says.


He doesn't look like a shaman. He doesn't dress like one, and he doesn't have a framed shaman certificate hanging on the wall of his office.

In fact, Rob Wergin used to be the chief executive officer for many health maintenance organizations in Southern California. Now, he practices spiritual healing as a shaman and spiritual teacher in Steamboat Springs.

His transition from CEO to shaman happened after a life-changing experience in Sedona, Ariz., the spiritual capital of the United States. He said he received a message to go there, and while on the beach, he was hit by "a couple cosmic two-by-fours."

In Sedona, he met the man who was married to Black Elk's granddaughter. Black Elk was a very famous Lakota Sioux medicine man who fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn, also known as Custer's Last Stand.

"I was guided into the desert to do a ceremony with his pipe and many other amazing things happened that blew me away."

Wergin got the message to go back to his house and make business cards that read, "Rob Wergin, healer," and that people would start coming to see him, he said.

"And then the people started coming."

Wergin doesn't miss anything about his former life.

"I was caught up in the materialistic world and way," he said. "If you ask and get a message, you should listen to it. It's a gift when you get to see what happens to the people I meet."

One of those people is Rex Keller, who had his prostate removed a year ago because of cancer. Even with the removal of the organ, the cancer had spread into his body. At that point, his wife, Gayle, refused to let him go through the radiation treatment his doctor recommended.

A year later, his prostate-specific antigen test results were rising significantly, indicating that the cancer in his body was getting worse, Gayle said.

"The surgeon said he had to do radiation now, and I said no. I said he had to go see Rob.

"He has been to Rob four or five times now, and his PSA tests went down to zero."

Rob has also worked with Rex on his outlook on life.

"He's not nervous all the time anymore," Gayle said. "Rob has worked a complete miracle. I think Rob was what actually got the cancer out of him."

Wergin attaches no medical claims to his work.

"I do not practice medicine," he said. "I will not diagnose, and when people ask me if they have cancer, I do not tell them."

Wergin works on removing blockages from the body and takes no personal credit for the work he does.

"I don't do the work," he said. "Beings come into my body to do the work."

These entities can be difficult to label because everyone has different spiritual beliefs.

He uses the term "angels" because they are non-denominational, Wergin said. "I tell people I work with their angels, and their angels are doing the work."

He is often challenged on his spiritual beliefs because of the work he does.

"I was raised Lutheran, but don't believe in organized religion," Wergin said.

His beliefs are also rooted in the American Indian culture, and he sometimes refers to the higher power as "The Wizard of Oz."

Wergin believes people have emotional blockages in parts of their bodies, and it is his job is to remove them.

"Every experience you've had since the time you were conceived until right now, and every experience that was less than loving, is still in your body," Wergin said. "That is what creates the body to go into dysfunction."

Wergin has helped people with migraine headaches, mental illnesses, life-threatening diseases and even women who have trouble getting pregnant.

"One woman I worked with was on 17 different anti-psychotic drugs," he said. "After three sessions, she went off everything."

Wergin also uses a concept he calls "wish granted."

"It's a way to change your thought process. If you wake up in the morning and think it's going to be a terrible day - wish granted," he said. "If you think you are going to have a fight with your boyfriend - wish granted. But it works both ways."

Wergin thinks we are trained as a society to be negative.

"It's all about fear of the war in Iraq, the housing market and bad economy," he said. "Humans are trained by society to hold on to our (stuff) and have blockages in our mind."

Wergin also heals animals, teaches classes and leads healing circles. The fourth healing circle he hosted in Steamboat had 45 people in attendance.

"It's meant to build community and give people who are curious or into spirituality a place to go," he had.

Erick Glanz attended one of Wergin's spiritual classes for the first time in July.

"The class was about people taking control of their lives and getting better and dealing with issues," Glanz said. "The class was being held in my house, and I was curious, so I thought I'd participate. It was an interesting class to explore, expand your mind and emotions, and get in touch with yourself."

Glanz has multiple sclerosis and hasn't been able to walk since February 2003.

He began private sessions with Rob after attending the class.

"Before I saw him, I could only stand up for three minutes until I usually end up crumbling into my chair," Glanz said. "After seeing Rob, I was able to stand for 10 minutes or more. And I started to walk through my kitchen using the island for balance for one hand and the counter for the other."

He was able to take four or five steps and turn around and walk back. Glanz is grateful to be able to make his legs work again.

"My goal is to be able to play golf with Rob," Glanz said. "He's going to be a friend for life."


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