Sound Off for Nov. 5


Pay council more

Vote yes to raise City Council pay. How embarrassing is the salary we currently give our hardworking elected officials? That is a thankless job, requiring more than 40 hours a week if done properly by someone who cares and takes the time to understand all sides of the issues and does his homework.

Sure, you can elect someone who will take it on for less time and money, who will let planning staff make decisions, and you will get just what you paid for - someone who really isn't dedicated enough to put in the time it takes to give his or her best. Since when does anyone's work load get smaller? We're all doing more. Give me a break. That is one tough job, and the pay is peanuts. It's real easy to vote the other guy out of some extra dough, but I say shame on you if you do. Would you want that job?

Don't deserve a raise

Remember to vote. When you do, think about Steamboat City Council members and their job performance. Their compensation is very low. But have they earned a raise?

Radio stinks

If NRC Broadcasting's main goal is to steer every radio listener in Northwest Colorado to satellite radio, they're doing a heck of a good job.

Denial was correct

Our Planning Commission deserves a hardy "well done" for its denial of the absurd Community Center. Will our beloved City Council have the conviction to honor its recommendation? This could be a test to see if our council is about looking forward by honoring the Planning Commission's recommendation of denial, or just being typically political.

Stand strong, council

The developer of One Steamboat Place is charged with providing the majority of affordable housing on-site because payment in lieu does not work to satisfy the requirements for this particular project. It may work in other future developments, but it would have been irresponsible of the council to allow a payment in lieu to go forward for this project.

Now the developers are angry, gathering their coalition forces against City Council, claiming the inclusionary zoning ordinance is unclear and threatening to stop all development. Certainly a dramatic move designed to discredit the City Council. The Council is taking a lot of heat for standing firm on their decision to uphold the inclusionary zoning ordinance. That's what strong leaders do in the face of adversity and controversy.

'Yes' on 3D

In response to the 'Vote no on 3D' letter to the editor, the school district cannot afford three elementary schools. The operating costs come from a totally separate fund from building costs. No money would be saved, and with his 'no' vote, we'd continue to have a 55-year-old elementary school for years to come. I hope he will reconsider.

Learn from Aspen

We can learn from Aspen's mistakes and not cave in to every development request. We need to be vigilant and protect our locals who work and raise their families here or else we'll lose our treasured sense of community.

Paper wrong on council

As a voting citizen of this community, I'm getting really sick and tired of the press coming down on our City Council that we elected and worked so hard to get in office. If we don't like the job the City Council is doing we wouldn't have elected them to do it.

Reinstate Cargo

Here's hoping that when Cargo is reinstated as mayor of Oak Creek, she'll feel empowered to delegate.

There's a couple of Oak Creek town employees and three board members who don't care what the other 800 of us want. They should leave and give us our mayor back. They'd be a whole lot easier to replace.

Build a bubble

I think we should construct the community center as a bubble. Steamboat Springs could then boast America's premier community center as well as America's premier tennis facility. This way we can have exceptional facilities at each gateway to town.

Good job on obituaries

My heart goes out to Scott Stanford for losing his father, and I think the Steamboat Pilot & Today does a very good job with obituaries. I didn't know that you didn't have to pay. I lost my mother, a veteran of World War II, two years ago. When I tried to get things published in California, it would have been almost $3,000. I really am hurt that I couldn't afford it, and I almost felt that I dishonored my mother. God bless you, it's a wonderful thing that you do for people.


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