President Pelosi? Think about it before voting


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Dear Sirs:

Consider this possibility before voting. If the Democrats win the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker of the House of Representatives. There is much talk of impeaching President Bush, and if they do, Dick Cheney will probably be impeached also, because they hate him just as much. In that event according to the law, Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the United States.

For two years I have been hearing her say that our troops need to come out of Iraq immediately. When she pulls them out, Iraq will surely fall. It is not inconceivable that Saddam Hussein could then come back in power. If that happens the WMDs which were not there, may suddenly appear out of the desert sands or from another Muslim country. Since Saddam Hussein breathes vengeance and barbarianism, and hates Americans, he would not need a missile to deliver them. Dirty bombs and sarin gas could very easily be carried across our open border with Mexico in briefcases or suitcases. I shudder to picture that scenario. Please vote Republican.

Kathryn Thaller

Steamboat Springs


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