Perfume scam staged in parking lots


— A recent chain e-mail warning residents about a perfume scam has caught the attention of law enforcement officers.

The scam, which targets people in busy parking lots, involves someone "selling" perfume to an interested buyer. When the buyer sniffs the perfume, he or she passes out because the perfume is actually ether, a common anesthetic used to knock out surgery patients.

The e-mail warns that the people selling the perfume then take the victims valuables, like purses and wallets.

Steamboat Springs police Capt. Joel Rae said Wednesday that he had heard of the scam but that no one has reported being a target of the scam locally.

"All of our officers have been made aware of the scam and will be keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior," he said.

Steamboat Springs resident Pete Wither said his wife was approached by a man in the Wildhorse Marketplace parking lot who asked her if she liked perfume. When the man saw Wither, he jumped into a car and left, he said.

Rae said he encourages anyone who comes in contact with anyone suspicious to call the police department.


egsears 10 years, 4 months ago

It's another "urban legend" folks. Check out the web site anytime you hear something like this from "a friend of a friend" email. The 1st page has a simple search feature that will lead you to -

Surf safe and be careful out there!


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