Buck Buckland: Why I support Scott Tipton



Scott Tipton, Republican candidate for Congress from Steamboat's district, speaks on the steps of the Routt County Courthouse on Saturday, during a rally hosted by the county Republican Party. Tipton, a business owner from Cortez, has said border security is a key issue in his campaign.

I have never met John Salazar. By all accounts, he is a nice fellow, but this does not qualify him to represent us in Congress.

While Salazar's ads paint him as a farmer and advocate for the Western Slope, his record reflects quite the opposite. As a Democrat, Salazar has "toed the party line." For example, his first vote in his first term was to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. He has been absent for votes that could have protected our interests. An example is his absence for a vote that would have eliminated the Death Tax, which is blatantly unfair and a great burden on the family farmers that he claims to specially represent.

Salazar has repeatedly voted against bills aimed at curbing illegal immigration and giving law enforcement necessary tools to enforce the law, instead giving only lip service to the issue and support for token measures.

Salazar has voted to raise income taxes by not extending the current tax cuts.

Salazar has opposed a host of bills that provide for energy production and has even opposed bills to allow the construction of much-needed gasoline refineries. Remember that the next time you fill your tank.

Salazar and his supporters will reply with a series of platitudes to justify this record, but the truth is that he is not representing the interests of the Western Slope.

By contrast, Scott Tipton was raised and lives in Cortez, where he operates a small business, and he offers common sense solutions to today's problems.

Tipton favors the permanent elimination of the Death Tax. People, particularly farmers, have worked hard and paid taxes throughout their lives to acquire their farms and other possessions. It is just not fair to tax them again when they die.

Scott understands the strain put on our systems, like the healthcare system and law enforcement, by illegal immigration. We must protect American workers ousted from their jobs by illegals and protect the middle-class taxpayer from this continued drain. We must secure the borders as best we can and try to streamline the immigration systems for those who do wish to follow the rules and become American citizens.

We must make Social Security secure again. The system is now racing headlong into bankruptcy, but Salazar is unwilling to consider any solution. Rather, he claims that Tipton wants to cut current benefits. This is patently false. What Tipton wants to do is consider alternatives to save the system for our children and grandchildren.

Tipton supports sensible, low-impact production of oil and other resources and allowing construction of gasoline refineries (none have been built in the U.S. in 30 years) to save you money while preserving our environment.

On taxes, Salazar wants to preserve the current system while increasing the rates, while Tipton is actively looking for a simpler and fairer system that would eliminate the IRS as we know it.

In the final analysis, Salazar is just not doing a good job of representing folks like you and me. He should be replaced with a man like Scott Tipton, who is more interested in serving our interest than in kowtowing to his party.

Buck Buckland is a longtime resident of Steamboat and is the former Chairman of the Routt County Republican Party.


dogd 10 years, 4 months ago

You forgot to mention that Scott Tipton is a magician who aims to make public lands disappear- behind the gates of the only people he represents- the richest 1%. Not the best of Republican candidates by a longshot.

Vote for him if you want to give up one of the most important freedoms we currently have- the ability to roam free on vast lands. How can anybody who wants to begin the process of taking that away be considered a decent American?


Makesmeralph 10 years, 4 months ago

Yeah, eliminate the IRS...and pay 23% more for groceries, for your car, for real estate and for everything you buy. What a disaster for our economy! And our families! Tipton is an economic yahoo that has been listening to too many far right wing think tanks.

If you vote for Scott Tipton based on a promise to eliminate income taxes you are crazy. That only helps the wealthy corporations!


the_Lizard 10 years, 4 months ago

youmakesmeralph, the flat tax is , in fact a really good idea. If you are below a certain income you actually get money back every month and don't end up paying any more taxes than you do now. Maybe less. Where do you get the idea that it only helps wealthy corporations? Fact or are you just surmissing?

Wow, Tipton only wants public land opened to the richest 1%. Hmmmm what does this mean?


the_Lizard 10 years, 4 months ago

Corporations don't pay tax....you do.. in the form of higher prices.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 4 months ago

Because it's a SALES tax and not an INCOME tax. And it's never a good idea. Corporations don't pay it because they produce and do not consume. In fact, this is like a 23% tax increase on the poor because their purchasing power is reduced by that amount, because they are paying higher sales taxes.

If the past six years have taught us anything, isn't it that when the wealthy control the Congress and the Presidency, they get all the tax benefits? Certainly, no one in poverty or even reasonable people in the middle class would argue that they have gotten a tax break over the past six years and if you factor in what future generations will have to pay there is really no argument.

The flat tax would either: flatten the poor and middle class or leave us flat broke.


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