Alan Matte: Response to Omar


Mr. Omar Campbell: In your message to Vicente Fox, you left out, "send us your hard-working citizens that choose to leave their homelands to be ridiculed by prejudiced people such as you," Mr. Middle Class American Anglo.

Do you think that the Native Americans wanted your kind here? Your forefathers from the 1700s brought small pox and Tuberculosis to the original settlers of our so-called great nation. Don't forget who originally brought the HIV virus to the U.S. It sure wasn't a Hispanic immigrant.

Your letter only shows your misrepresentation of the true facts. You're so proud of your status as a white man. Sorry, Mr. White, but the new middle class is Hispanic. Your government has been the problem all along.

Don't you get it? Are you blind? Do you think Ronald Reagan created amnesty for millions of Hispanic people for their own good? Wrong.

When you document illegal aliens you create a huge tax base. I say God bless the Hispanics. Maybe you should look at how many white Americans are serving time for smuggling drugs into this country. Watch the movie "Blow" and see where it all started.

Instead of watching our borders, we choose to spend our tax dollars on wars such as Vietnam and Iraq. It's only a matter of time before we are taken from within. Where does your heritage come from? I'm quite sure you are not Native American because if you were, you would not be writing such nonsense.

Wake up Mr. American Anglo and smell the wonderful south of the border coffee.

Alan Matte

Steamboat Springs


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