Shuttle serves downtown

Officials: Riders can avoid hassles by parking at Stock Bridge


— There will be a new way to get around downtown this weekend.

The city's new Main Street Shuttle will begin service Sunday. The shuttle will run in addition to Steamboat Springs Transit's regular bus service.

The shuttle will leave from the Stock Bridge Transit Center, travel down Lincoln Avenue and turn around at Third Street. It will stop at all the regular stops, which are on odd-numbered streets. Service will begin at 7:20 a.m. from Stock Bridge, and the last run will be at 6 p.m.

The shuttle will run every 20 minutes. Including regular service, a bus will leave Stock Bridge every 10 minutes. Return buses will run every 20 minutes.

There are several reasons to take the shuttle instead of driving, said Jonathan Flint, operations manager for Steamboat Springs Transit.

The shuttle will allow drivers to park instead of dealing with downtown traffic, he said. That may be an incentive for people who have large vehicles such as RVs.

Also, Flint said, families can take advantage of Stock Bridge Park. While one parent runs errands downtown, the other can stay with the children at the park.

Flint said the shuttle will be nice for people who walk the length of Lincoln Avenue, then want a ride back. People who have two or three errands to run can avoid walking and driving. And, he said, parking tickets won't be a concern.

Tracy Barnett of Main Street Steamboat Springs said she's hoping more people who work downtown will use Stock Bridge, which would decrease traffic downtown.

Barnett said officials want people to change their attitudes about driving. "We're trying to create a paradigm shift here. We want people to use public transit and not use cars and have their cars around all of the time," she said.

People are going to have to get over their attachment to their cars, Barnett said.

"Hopefully, they'll think about it and think about the convenience," she said. "They might find it's more convenient than they think."

Officials are planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the shuttle service at 4 p.m. June 8 at the Stock Bridge Transit Center.


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