On Scene for May 26


Clap if you believe

Wow. I counted at least 176 middle school and high school students who worked really hard to put on a professional-caliber production of "Peter Pan." Everything including acting, singing, set building, stage managing, prop making, costume designing, lighting and sound production, digital photo production, ushering, artwork, poster and T-shirt design was done by the students.

This production showcased amazing talent that flew right off the stage. There was even a live orchestra of middle and high school students, and there was support from countless faculty and community members who demonstrated the power of the arts and its importance in this community.

I believe in the magic that was demonstrated on and off the stage.

Good news, bad news

The good news is you can hike all the way to the top of Thunderhead. The bad news is that when you're illegally taking a break by sitting on a chairlift, the leader of ski patrol might walk by. Lucky for me, he was friendly. He, his wife and I hiked up to the bottom of Heavenly Daze together.

That coincidence was as surreal as Mount Werner looks the first time you see it after the snow melts. You're walking up instead of skiing down, and you're trying to picture everything covered in snow before you realize it's finally summertime. (Yeah!)

'Antonia's Line'

I brought my Dutch friend to see a Dutch movie. (Cheesy, I know.) But it must be nice to see a movie in your own language while in a different country, because it's really nice to see a movie in another language in your own country.

Thanks to the Steamboat Springs Arts Council and Dori Weiss, foreign films are not only playing in Steamboat, they are playing for free.

We all need a little more culture in our lives, and the Steamboat Mountain Theater was packed with culture-seekers who saw an original, funny and enlightening film. Thanks.

Rock, crowd surf and mosh

The third annual Teen Battle of the Bands was awesome! I haven't seen that many teenagers (there were more than 400) jumping up and down since a New Kids on the Block concert.

-- Allison Plean


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