Sound Off for May 21


Outlaw walkers

It seems there are some residents of Mountain View Estates who don't like people driving on city streets. I have a great idea -- why don't we outlaw the people from walking and biking on those particular city streets and then we'd have plenty of room for the people who pay the taxes on those roads --he drivers of those cars. Maybe they should put signs on their lawns that say 'This is a less desirable family neighborhood' instead of 'Thank you for driving slow.'

Today errs

I'm disappointed the Steamboat Today put the turf article on the front page and the teacher of the year article on the last page. Couldn't you of at least done an interview? The newspaper seems to have the same agenda as the School and Fund boards. Maybe John DeVincentis was right.

Editor's note: A story about Teacher of the Year Ginny Osbourn appeared on page 1D of today's Style section.

Dr. D

Here's a subtle message back to Dr. D: Ironically, you were right about the reckless Fund Board spending for artificial turf. But your lack of professionalism on this one says you are totally unqualified for the superintendent's job, which you obviously want. We the voters' only choice is to send you a message you clearly understand -- boot you out during the next School Board election.

I was at the School Board meeting Monday night to listen to the diatribe from Dr. D. It was unprofessional, it was inappropriate, it was offensive. Dr. D, can you spell R-E-C-A-L-L?

The editorial board got it perfect this time -- John DeVincentis' actions at Monday's board meeting were as they have always been: petty, vindictive and completely inappropriate. Hopefully, the Board of Education will have the courage to censure him during the next board meeting. Mike Johnson also should apologize for his role in Monday's debacle, because although he was "only the messenger," his actions were as improper as those of his former principal.

Community center

It makes no sense to get rid of the gymnasium that we need more of in this town and displace a very productive youth program.

I'm wondering why they keep calling it a community center when only the seniors' needs are being considered in the new location?

If the City Council had started to consider the problem of relocating the community center a year ago when everyone was aware of the library's expansion desires, something might have worked out with the School Board. But waiting until the last minute to approach the School Board put that entity into a bind it couldn't consider so quickly.

Without knowing the full cost, the City Council voted 4-3 to build the community center on the Human Services site owned by the school district. Our seniors need a facility and were promised a facility, but would it have cost $2.3 million plus the cost of the property, all for 100 community members. This is negligent and irresponsible spending. Council needs to step up to the plate and rethink this decision. If they built the community center on another property with room for expansion -- like Curci Turner, where there is public transportation and lots of room -- then this community will have more options in the future. Council heard from many community members that we need a recreation center.o one denies the heavy cost of this facility, so act now and build the senior community center in a place where another facility could be added. Generations need to be together, not isolated. This would be fiscally responsible as it would save taxpayers money in the future. If council is spending $1.5 million or more over the original budget for 100 community members, then they need to be willing to spend the money for our youths --here are over 1,000 of them.

Good job to the School Board for looking at the big picture. The council members that were "surprised" and disappointed by this decision --pen your eyes and see the big picture; put you other agendas aside.


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