Omar M. Campbell: Come on over


A message to Vincente Fox:

Send us your poor, your huddled masses (15 to a smuggler's van; 50 to a U-Haul truck); your sick (small pox, tuberculosis, AIDS); your criminals (with backpacks of drugs); plenty of your women to seed our country with "anchor babies."

There is plenty of tax money and room for all in our schools, hospitals and jails. There are jobs galore -- taken from U.S. citizens. And plenty of support for eventual amnesty from vote-seeking politicians, law-breaking employers and anything-goes liberals.

Also send your own illegal immigrants from countries south of Mexico -- at least those who survive your brutal police treatment of them (shooting, rape, robbery). Ignore potential foreign terrorists from the Middle East who mingle in with Latinos to sneak across the border.

Join the Pope ("open the U.S. borders") in protesting our efforts to protect our sovereignty -- such as the recent crackdown on the German pallet company. About 1,200 illegals and eight gringo employers arrested. Other good news is from Georgia's Legislature -- a bill passed to force employers, schools and welfare agencies to verify documentation from applicants.

Also, don't forget to send a supply of Mexican flags for use in Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence, and "civil rights" of illegals' celebrations and demonstrations. You might also improve on the wording and Spanish rendition of our national anthem. Warn the singers and wavers of Mexican flags, however, that their display could spark a backlash among patriotic Anglos and citizen Hispanics.

And how about sending a generous supply of fake Social Security cards, driver's licenses and green cards to the ethnic groups that support illegals?

Your strategy in supporting illegal infiltration of our country is quite transparent: to get rid of surplus population; to milk a cash-cow neighbor; and to assure nationalistic presence and political influence in our country's affairs.

Your refusal to assist the U.S. and the U.N. in the war on terrorism, coupled with your aiding and abetting the leakage of illegals and drugs through our porous southern border, makes me wonder what kind of neighbor Mexico really is.

-- An angry middle-class American Anglo with roots back to the 1700s.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


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