Warren H. Harner Jr.: Just the facts


In your publishing of the letter from Robert Maddox on April 17, I noted that you deleted several comments that Mr. Maddox made about me.

It is clearly apparent from his unproductive comments that Mr. Maddox cares only to participate in rhetoric, to demonize anyone that might not walk in lock-step with him and to further divide our community about this issue.

In contrast to this attitude, it has always been my belief that we need an accredited and unbiased firm retained to investigate the many facets of all the financial and operational concerns surrounding our airports, with the intent to provide our electorate the information required to determine the future of the Steamboat Springs Airport.

It is my observation that the Steamboat Springs Airport has been surrounded in misunderstanding and misinformation for much longer than I have resided in this community, and I believe there remains a select group of people that encourage this situation to continue.

As an example, at the 2007 City Council budget discussions, Councilwoman Susan Dellinger asked transportation director George Krawzoff to provide an account of the actual cost of the Steamboat Springs Airport to our citizenry, demonstrating her sense of fiscal responsibility. His response was that he simply didn't know. To date, the question of cost remains unanswered.

For the first time in my memory, our community has the opportunity to pursue a logical, financial and operational solution to our airports' futures and their roles in a growing and prospering environment. As a career aviator as well as a former airport facilities manager and Boeing engineer, I look forward to an impartial accounting of the facts, free of the rhetoric of the past.

Warren H. Harner Jr.
Steamboat Springs


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