Lia Kozatch: Support the arts


I am writing in response to the articles about artificial turf. I agree that it would be nice for sports teams to be able to use an artificial turf field due to complications with winter weather. It would keep the home team home.

However, I do not like the fact that so much money seems to go toward funding sports in general. Yes, sports create discipline for a student and teach teamwork. What about other activities that promote the same things where absolutely anyone can be involved? The arts (visual and performance) at our public schools are not where they should be. Art is accessible to anyone, while sports, even open teams, are more selective. If one plays an instrument or participates in a play, that takes as much discipline and effort, if not more so, than any sport. It also stimulates an area of the brain that I find to be more useful than instant impulse and rote body memory.

The arts get the short end of the stick. Just look at funding for events. The emphasis is on sport participation, while plays, music recitals and art showings for students barely get recognized. If we are going to pour money into something, there needs to be some kind of balance. As an art student in college, I have seen the benefits that arts programs provide. They are a wonderful way for children to explore the world beyond school. Sports are great, but so are a lot of things. I only wish that those who make decisions about funding allocation would consider other options instead of jumping on the sports bandwagon.

Lia Kozatch
Steamboat Springs


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