On Scene for May 12


Five of May

My kryptonite-colored glowing margarita glass illuminated my way through the crowd at Cantina on Friday night. Although everyone was extra festive, it was almost like any other Friday night.

The thing about Steamboat is that the young crowd doesn't really need a holiday (such as Cinco de Mayo) to have an excuse to go out and celebrate.

Billy Franklin and friends (who were Hard Poor Corn and Koan from E.O.E) kept the crowd rockin' at the Cantina, and the patrons kept the bartenders running at The Rio.

This Cinco de Mayo was just another good excuse to eat Mexican food and drink enough Tequila to swear off of it forever the next morning -- just like any other Saturday.

Cabaret Night Live

In the grand mud season tradition of locals poking fun at themselves, the 23rd Cabaret was a huge success. Yes, the bar has been raised once again and like Scott Parker said, Cabaret should mark the beginning of a new year instead of Jan. 1.

This was the first year that I have seen Cabaret from the audience and not from the stage, but it lost nothing in the translation.

Steve Jones of the Yampa Valley Boys apparently just returned from a world-wide tour of Routt County in time to be in the show and sing a great song about Ski Patrol with John Fisher.

Newbie Chris Walsh sang the song we have all wanted to sing on those days when no matter how much powder was on the mountain, we just didn't feel like skiing -- despite the enormous guilt complex such a decision would inflict.

David Jolly did a ventriloquist act that blew away everyone in the audience.

The cheerleaders featuring Jolly and newbie Tara Nagel made up a great cheer that spoofed the man that assaulted the girl on the ski slope after she ran into his daughter on a snowboard.

Michael David spoofed online dating, the large variety of banks in Steamboat and the number of Olympians coming out of Steamboat versus Aspen.

Cabaret didn't leave any stone unturned: the $3 million tennis bubble, Billy Kidd, Levelz (Leveled) and the high number of Mexican restaurants. Special props to the band and the backstage crew for making Steamboat laugh away what was left of its winter blues.

-- Allison Plean


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