Oak Creek mayor promotes recycling


— Oak Creek offers free curbside recycling to its residents, but Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman thinks the town can do more to keep recyclables out of landfills.

Rodeman plans to ask the Oak Creek Town Board at its meeting tonight how the town can improve its recycling efforts and whether a group of earth-friendly Oak Creek residents will take on those efforts.

"I want to see if all these new people in town are interested in coming up with ways to help the town clean up," she said. "We need a single focus of how to keep more out of landfills."

The town provides curbside recysling pickup twice a month, Rodeman said. She doesn't think enough residents take advantage of the program.

"It's a dismal participation," Rodeman said. "Considering it's free, they bring you the containers, and all you have to do is clean out a milk jug before you toss it. There's no excuse not to do it."

Other items on tonight's Town Board agenda include:

A presentation from Reed Morris about Routt County's roadless areas. The Town Board already has written a resolution in support of keeping the county's roadless areas as they are, and it will vote on the resolution tonight.

An update from Oak Creek resident Mike Yurich about the town's centennial celebration plans.

A request from Tracy Zuschlag for support for youth soccer programs.

A vote to make a Public Works employee's $1-an-hour pay increase retroactive. The Town Board approved the pay increase at its last board meeting but was not able to vote on making the raise retroactive because it was not an agenda item. If approved, the pay increase will date to two weeks ago.

A vote to make four part-time town employees contract employees. Rodeman said the town's meter reader, maintenance worker, parks and recreation employee and new police officer would be in charge of their own taxes and insurance if they are contract employees. Rodeman said she contacted each employee, and each agreed to the potential change.

A discussion about passing an ordinance that would require all new annexations to designate a portion of the annexation for a trail easement.


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