Kenny Porteous: Apology to ski area


I am writing this letter to the editor to provide my sincere apology to Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. and its employees for any detriment I may have caused as the result of allegations that I operated a private business on the mountain in violation of ski area policy.

To the extent that my alleged actions may have caused any detriment to the instructors of the Steamboat Ski and Snowboard School, either financially or emotionally, I apologize. These instructors are hard-working individuals who have families, are members of this community and serve as valued employees of the ski area. My children have been through the ski school program, and I am of the opinion that the ski school is a first-class operation. I expect my kids to continue to be involved in the ski school in the future.

I further apologize to the extent that my alleged actions may have put any other ski area guests at risk as a result of lack of insurance coverage to protect ski area guests, should anyone have become injured as a result of my activities.

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. is a business that has to satisfy many varied individuals and interests, which can be a very difficult challenge. Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. is an excellent steward of the federal land on which it operates, and the employees of Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. take pride in their role in the community as is shown by their efforts to make Steamboat a better place to live, work and play for all. I submit my sincere apology to the employees and guests of the Steamboat ski resort.


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