Allison Plean: Legend has it


My physical therapist faxed in my paperwork last week for a partial refund of my season ski pass.

I missed out on 400 inches of champagne powder this winter. Who knows when we'll get one again.

Oh well. This winter can simply join the list of legendary Steamboat Springs events that went on without me.

Steamboat locals are always rehashing memories of the Bump Off, the Tugboat River Race, the Ball Hooter Classic, the Jell-O Jump Pudding Sit, the Spring Freestyle Aerial Splash, the country Western bar in Sundance Plaza and The Inferno. Rumor has it -- all taken away because people were having too much fun and getting a little too rowdy.

The Tugboat River Race was organized by The Tugboat Grill & Pub as a benefit for Horizons Specialized Services. People would bring homemade watercrafts to put in the river at Bucci Pond. It was a parade of floats carrying people in themed costumes who were celebrating just being on the river in July. But locals got too disorderly and left behind too much litter.

The Ball Hooter Classic was a race, or more like a mad-tuck-dash down Heavenly Daze to Sitz to See Me ski runs, and down to the Afterglow Pub (now the Gondola Pub and Grill). The goal was to ensure that you didn't finish last. If you did, you had to finish a pewter mug of a mix of green alcoholic beverages.

The Jell-O Pudding Sit was a radio promotion that involved people diving into a hot tub in Torian Plum Plaza filled with Jell-O. The goal was to retrieve keys that won you prizes.

The Spring Freestyle Aerial Splash involved racing down the moguls run on Howelson Hill and landing in a big hole filled with water. Those people who landed beyond the hole often were too intoxicated to feel any pain.

All of these events existed before liability insurance.

Our town is based on a heritage of people who did brave things. It's a garden of Olympians with enough guts to fertilize it. But nothing lasts forever.

We all get to experience our own little piece of history. Maybe it was the Steamboat summer with the drought, the forest fires and the million grasshoppers. Some of you may have shopped at the Old Boggs. Some of us attended the String Cheese concert when more than 100 people were arrested.

But right now, it feels like I'm the only one who hasn't experienced an epic Steamboat winter.


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