Allison Plean: Cheers


OK, so I lied in my last column. There is one more thing that Steamboat lacks -- a true nightclub scene.

With the indefinite closing of Levelz, our small town is left with no large venue. There's not even a dark dance floor where a girl can buy overpriced cocktails and free her heels from the depths of her closet.

We all have felt the moving dance floor at Levelz. I guess we all just thought it would hold itself together because there was nowhere else to go to see our favorite old-school rap stars. As a co-worker and I discussed the only logical place to establish another nightclub -- the Chief Plaza theater downtown -- I began to reflect on some of the music venues we are left with.

At Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill, you are guaranteed a place where everybody knows your name. There's consistently good, free, live music and, if the dance floor were any bigger, everyone wouldn't always be dancing.

At Mambo Italiano, people can watch TV in the same small space where others lose their inhibitions on the dance floor. The restaurant and bar also has the whole inside/outside bar thing going on in the summer, which is a plus.

The Tugboat Grill & Pub has a special charm of its own. You get to dance in a place that has bullet holes and dead animals hanging from the walls. There's also a Pac-Man game and a secret bathroom downstairs. And it's always a treat to see the drummer of a band play the Budweiser sign hanging on the wall behind him.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has the best jukebox in town, and who doesn't love those big, round leather booths? If you're a VFW member, you can get cancer insurance and are allowed to smoke cigarettes indoors. But when are they gonna fix the shuffleboard table?

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant has the added comfort of carpet on the dance floor so your feet don't stick. But many times I have fallen victim to those margaritas, which can make you accidentally confess your love to an unsuspecting bachelor.

At the Old Town Pub, no matter where you are on the dance floor, you're always next to the bar.

As Steamboat patiently awaits the future of Levelz, we must pool and appreciate our existing resources. We may not have fancy nightclubs with V.I.P. rooms and coat checks, but we do have every bar where everybody knows your name.


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