Omar M. Campbell: Act on immigration


I take exception to last Sunday's editorial attack on candidate for governor Marc Holtzman, accusing him of pandering to potential voters with his "du jour" political issue (illegal immigration) and of knowing full well that he could do little about them.

The semi-anonymous author of such a personal attack should have had the courage to sign it. Of course, the governor can do something about illegals. He is the state's Chief Executive Officer, with powers to call out the National Guard, state police, etc. Witness the governors' actions in Arizona and New Mexico.

He also can support and sign into law Sen. Tom Wein's House Bill 1134, which would require localities to enforce the immigration laws of our country. It seems that a "grassroots" effort -- local and state -- is needed. The federal administration and politicos would rather dither and fight one another than take any meaningful action on immigration legislation.

On the latter subject, I asked the previous City Council to take advantage of available federal assistance to do just what HB 1134 would do. You guessed it. No response. They also were asked to issue a policy statement on illegals and on what the police were instructed to do when aliens were encountered. No response. This despite their swearing-in oath to uphold the constitutions and laws of the country. They apparently choose to be a part of the local conspiracy of silence where illegal aliens are concerned.

The unknown author of last Sunday's editorial uses the economy to justify his (or her or their?) soft stand on dealing with illegals. It is noteworthy that law-breaking is rarely mentioned in Our View regarding employers or illegals. Never mind the laws that prohibit employers from hiring undocumented aliens.

In Our View (Today, July 27, 2005) the author said that the community, in effect, should just roll over, accept and furnish illegals with education, health care, police protection, welfare, etc. Good for lodging, tourism and construction businesses; bad for us taxpayers. One reason why hospital and medical bills are so high is that we who pay are charged extra to make up for illegals and others who do not.

The Mexican government must view the U. S. as a big toothless pussycat to put up with the invasion of illegals across its southern border. They have set up a special ministry to give out advice on the best ways and places to sneak in. Mexico is a conduit for drugs and for invaders from all over South America. It would be easy for a trained foreign terrorist to learn a little Spanish, don typical clothes and join the illegals. As many as 10 percent of illegals are hardened criminals, according to the border patrol.

The U. S. gives Mexico a very handsome aid package and funds to combat drugs each year. They repay us by exporting surplus population and doing nothing to curb drugs. A recent C-Span speaker said the Mexican military is now actively helping drug smugglers.

Overpopulation and the very poor economic conditions in Mexico are the main causes for the worker class rush to the U.S.

The U. S. should expel the Mexican ambassador, recall ours, and use the subsidy money to station the National Guard along the border and to fund state efforts such as HB 1134. When the Mexicans develop respect for us and stop exporting illegals and drugs here, then normal relations could resume.

The only feasible solution to this can-of-worms situation is to develop a national ID card and database system, using finger prints or iris scans for forgery-proof identification. The national database would be linked to the cards for quick verification. All citizens and illegals would have to register. The illegals would be given a few months to return to their mother country and allowed to come back legally with proper work permits for specified periods. (The above ID system would also go a long way toward preventing identity theft).

Support HB 1134 by contacting your state congresspersons.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


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