Jerry Rudolph: Costly questions


In how many countries and areas of the world could the United States help people solve their problems if it had not started an unnecessary war in Iraq?

How much progress could have been made in developing alternative, truly worthwhile, sources of energy during the past six years?

How did the present administration bully the American public into believing that the newly developed energy plan, with plenty of input from the energy industry, had to be kept a secret?

Why has secrecy become a way of life in our government?

Is secrecy an important ingredient of a democracy? Of a republic? Of a civilized society? If so, why?

While attempting to develop democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, is it possible that our own democracy is imperiled?

How many men, women and children will be killed, injured and maimed to establish democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many more billions of dollars will it cost?

How many more lies are the American people going to accept from their government? How much more graft and corruption will be accepted?

John McCain has done us all a positive service by talking the president into stating that torture has no place on American soil, but this has only added to Bush's zeal to locate additional black holes in such places as Egypt, Poland, Jordan and other places where brutal torture can take place, keeping America's hands clean. Is this the right way to go about getting information to help keep America safe from further terrorist attacks? Ask John McCain.

At the time we went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, numerous al-Qaida cells existed, but most were inactive. Has there been any change in their activities?

Is the U.S. still looked up to by most of the countries of the world as a shining example of a successful democracy willing to help others?

Did oil have anything to do with America's attack on Iraq?

Are giant corporations in the process of buying the United States?

Let us all work hard to keep and protect the positive aspects of our society, to get all of our civil rights back and to truly help rather than harm other people's rights and values.

Jerry Rudolph

Steamboat Springs


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