Jody Akers: Drain on society


We were shocked to read in Scott Stanford's story on June 19 ("Clark Store tries to get ready") that the preferred method of payment used by participants in the Rainbow Gathering is Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, "which allow the transfer of government benefits such as food stamps to pay for items." As is clear from all reports around town, the Rainbow Gathering is a drain on society. It requires the commitment of tremendous resources from public agencies, including the Forest Service, law enforcement and safety officials. The reward is shoplifting, disregard of the law and antisocial behavior, including bathing at any available water faucet.

We are appalled that, to boot, we are paying to support these folks via government benefit programs. This at a time when many argue that illegal immigration is justified because of the many jobs that Americans will not take. If government benefits for this crowd were eliminated, perhaps they might have some inspiration to take these jobs or otherwise become productive members of society.

Jody Akers, Rick Akin, Jim Barrows, Lirva Bean, Roger Burton, Patricia Creekmore, Paul Epley, Allie Fete, Joe Fete, Pat Fete, Wendy K. Fisher, Wesley J. Fisher, Dennis Frostic (Oak Park, Ill.), Laurie Hall, Rich Hall, Dirk Hallen (Grand Junction), Deb Jansen, Mark Jansen, Connie Link, Dave Link, Jeremy MacGray, Mike Moore, Sandra Moore, Jim Payne, Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Toby Spikes, David Wilson, Ray Wright.

Routt County


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