Weekly Writers Group


Every Thursday, they sit around the table at Steamboat's old depot. A past-middle age rancher reads his history of Northwest Colorado; a mother who has retired from an engineering career to raise two teenagers has become a certified instructor in journal writing; an accountant explains effective query letters; an attorney checks for errors in an editorial he has written for the regional newspaper; a truck driver reads the final chapter of her novel that takes place in nearby Moffat County; an internationally famous model asks for help with publishing her translation of a book on Genghis Kahn.

Young and old, native Coloradan and transplant alike, they share one identity in common: each can say," I am a Writer."

The writers group, an affiliate of Steamboat Springs Arts Council since 1982, represents a modern-day diversity unique to northwestern Colorado. Ninety years ago steam engines chugged into the depot, their passenger cars filled with people from all over the country. Now, diesel power hauls freight cars loaded with coal, passing by the old train station, and Steamboat's writers serve as locomotives, bringing tradition and avant garde to their table in the baggage room.


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