Shirley Stewart: Rainbow defense


Just for the information of some of you folks who are bashing the Rainbow Family Gathering there.

My wonderful grandson happens to be there as I write this. I wish you all could know him. He is a kind, considerate, loving, thoughtful human being. More so than most.

He loves his biological family as he loves his Rainbow Family. You people have nothing to fear from him or his friends. You should be happy it's these people who are in your forests rather than some of the visitors who camp there and leave it in shambles. Try reading some of the reports from various forest rangers regarding past gatherings.

Get on your computers and look up "Rainbow gathering." You will find numerous write-ups about how these wonderful people love nature. How they leave an area -- not one cigarette butt remains. Can you say that about all of your locals? I think not.

So love and light to all, and a big kiss for my beautiful grandson. I am proud of you sweetie.

Shirley Stewart

Corpus Christi, Texas


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