Sound Off for Feb. 19


Balance the duck

I love Steamboat Today's Viewpoints. You always seem to capture a view from the left and a view from the right. I wish you could do something similar with the cartoon. A daily dose of Mallard Fillmore is offensive.

Leave the bridge be

No, let's not rename the bridge. Naming it in the first place was a farce, and, so I'm told, quite a can of worms. Let's not re-open it.

Stock Bridge

Rename the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge the Stock Bridge.

Appreciate the humor

No, do not change the name of the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge. The most entertaining article I ever read in the Steamboat Pilot was about the history of this bridge and its name. The bridge name demonstrates the sense of humor that is characteristic of most Steamboat residents.

Reflect our heritage

James Brown is a convicted wife-beater and known drug addict. The tongue-in-cheek naming of the bridge was perverse humor that got out of hand. Commensurate with our community standards and values, the name should be changed to something like New Stock Bridge. This would reflect our heritage and be a historic connection.

Let planners plan

Why do we have a Planning Commission? The Planning Commission recommends a project for approval by a nearly unanimous vote, yet the City Council spends hours examining every little detail. What is the purpose of having these volunteers commit their time if the council is going to pretend that it, too, is the Planning Commission? Let's get the council out of the development review process and value our committed volunteers.

Move on

We already have a Stock Bridge (though it's a new structure) at its historic location near the Stockbridge Center. Why do we need two bridges with the same name and resulting confusion? If Avon can have its Bob Bridge, we can have our James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge. To the city officials of Steamboat Springs, this has been a joke you brought upon yourselves 13 years ago. Most of us have been able to live with it. Let's drop the whole matter and move on to more important issues.

Get a grip

Get a grip. Why would you rename the bridge? Do not rename the bridge.

Name evokes fun

I really like the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge. It's a real whimsical name that makes the town feel fun and youthful. It seems like we can find another way to connect with the heritage of our community than by renaming the bridge.

A mockery

Yes, we should rename the bridge back to its original name of the Stock Bridge. That vote was a mockery.

Paint traffic lines

I think it's ridiculous that the City Council is even wasting its time on naming the bridge. Let's make sure everyone knows the name of every bridge in Routt County, and let's put the name on the bridges so there is no confusion. If I had my choice of the City Council naming bridges or painting traffic lines down Lincoln Avenue so that tourists know which lane to drive in, I'll choose the latter.

Keep the name

The city should not rename the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge. We had a vote, and we should stick to it.

Lodwick's disrespect

I can't believe Todd Lodwick is dissing his teammates like he is. Someone should remind him that he has never won a medal at the Olympics, and it's just not fair that he is berating his teammates. So please remind him that he has not won anything in the individual sports either.

Next excuse?

I wonder what Todd Lodwick's next excuse is going to be.


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