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What happened to town?

Downtown needed to be revitalized, but it seems like we've overdone it with saturating downtown with loft and retail edifices. We are doomed to chaos with increased congestion and traffic. What happened to the small-town atmosphere we were trying to preserve? Does City Council realize that many tourists comment on and lament the fact that Steamboat has been discovered by developers? It seems that we have in fact become Cooktown, USA.

Parking lot is pitiful

What's the deal with the Meadows parking lot? Can anybody get a snowplow down there? It's been several days since the big snow, and the freeze-and-thaw process has left the lot almost impassible. It's dangerous - for people and cars.


jaunty 10 years, 3 months ago

Ski Corp. saves a lot of money by not plowing the Meadows parking lot. It is almost always icy, rutted and treacherous -- especially for those of us who wear ski boots. It's amazing that there haven't been significant injury lawsuits. Maybe IntraWest will care about safety and customer service and will begin plowing this lot.


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