James C. Makens: Affordable illusion


All attempts by government to replace the efficiency of the marketplace in the allocation of housing will ultimately fail. Buyers determine what prices are affordable, not government. If prices reach too high a level, housing inventories will swell and prices will decline to meet available demand.

This process does not, nor should it, ensure that everyone who wishes to live in a community can do so. Throughout the world, millions of people commute to their workplace daily. Not everyone can live precisely where they wish. The necessity to commute brings life and vibrancy to second-choice communities.

Government has many legitimate responsibilities to a community, but dabbling in the free market in an attempt to ensure a fleeting and unattainable goal known as affordable housing is not one of them.

James C. Makens

Steamboat Springs


Otto_Stader 10 years, 2 months ago

It's all about having the Steamboat Springs mailing address. That's why people care. It's just not the same when you list Clark or Phippsburg.


JazzSlave 10 years, 2 months ago


Homeownership is a privilege, not an entitlement. Work & save, buy in Stagecoach, Hayden, Milner or Craig, capitalize on the appreciation, and work your way back towards Steamboat, if ownership in Steamboat is your goal. People do it all the time.

For all your whining, you have yet to offer an alternative. What do you propose? Some good old-fashioned Stalin/Mao/Castro-style collectivism? Confiscate property and income from those who have busted their tails to acquire it, and redistribute it to you?

You're a world-champion complainer. What's your solution?


Gladys 10 years, 2 months ago

For you people whining about affordable housing in Steamboat...you DO realize that you are looking for affordable housing in a RESORT area, right? Try finding something "affordable" on the beach or any other resort area.


JazzSlave 10 years, 2 months ago

What has led you to label us nimbys? Speaking for myself, the more the merrier.

You write:

" i [sic] do have some possible solutions, however it seems pointless to present them to greedy nimby's such as yourselves."

In other words, you are either unwilling or (more likely) unable to do anything but complain, so you default to infantile name-calling.

It has just become very difficult to take you seriously.


id04sp 10 years, 2 months ago

The only problem with giving incentives to builders or landowners is that the money to fund the incentives either comes from our tax dollars, or comes from agreeing not to tax them. Either way, the taxpayers subsidize private housing.

Besides, when everyone in town is rich, will you want them for neighbors? Not me.


dave reynolds 10 years, 1 month ago

several years ago I had an experience in City Market that I will not soon forget ..while standing in line to check out I and several other people over heard a woman talking to a friend stateing " I don't think poor people sould be allowed to live in Steamboat"..well all of us just stood there not beleiving what we just heard and then asked her who she thought would do the MENIAL jobs that she was so ABOVE doing..unfortunately this seems to be the trend..I've lived here 20 plus years worked my A## off for what I have..how do you measure wealth..obvisously not by brains she either won the money,married into it or inherited it..she certainly didn't earn it..there are good people here rich or other wise but peolple like this are not welcome..just one working stiffs opion


Otto_Stader 10 years, 1 month ago

I have always been amused by the rich folks from the north and northeast who criticized the south. These are the same people who have come into Steamboat and want to drive out the working people. Anything that can be labeled "racism" is a carnal sin, but "consumerism" is to be applauded.

The things people from outside claim to find appealing are the mild summers, lack of crime, NO traffic (despite what locals think) and beautiful surroundings. Oh, yeah, and skiing (as if their fat asses belong in a pair of ski pants -- right). In reality, they mostly want to live in a place where they are not in fear of random street crime or having somebody invade their homes or empty the places out when they're away. You can't buy that back east or in the big cities.

Steamboat is mostly appealing to outsiders for what it does NOT have, and if you look around, you can see what it is. Don't blame realtors for bringing rich people in. Blame the people who make it dangerous for rich people to live elsewhere.


dave reynolds 10 years, 1 month ago

seasons..I'm a transplant from Montana small rural America.although I have lived here a very long time do not and never will consider myself a "local" the only local in my family is my daughter she was born here..seems to me there is a certain lack of respect for those of us who work are tails off to live here..and then theres the ones who can not afford Vail,Aspen,Teluride, etc. who move here and disrespect builders who worked their butts off to get the "trophey home" built and then tell them to tear it all down cause"Iit just doesn"t feel right"..I"ve heard so many stories it pains me..so many people in this world need help money wise or other then this s##t just pisseses me off..its like the pros who want a 3 million dollar raise cause they can not live on 2 million ayear..cry me a river..all of these folks should actually get a manual labor job so they can truely appricate the meaning of hard work and pride in what they do..really makes me wonder if they hire people to wipe the you know whats for them cause heck thats an inconvience too.... don't blame "land merchants" their earning a living too


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