Van Fletcher: Towny not fit


— Is it really possible for a City Council member to write a "Guest Commentary" (Dec. 6, Steamboat Today) that is derogatory toward and accusatory of past and present City Councils, County Commissioners and city employees and still believe he is representing the best interests of the citizens?

Keep in mind that Towny Anderson is a City Council member. He wanted the community center to be located in the old junior high building. He expressed his personal interest, in past newspaper articles, to make the old school buildings a historical preservation project. He is an advocate for historical preservation. He voted against having the community center at the Stock Bridge site and has attempted to undermine that decision as evidenced by this personal editorial.

In case you missed the article, Mr. Anderson states, "I believe (the decision to select the Stockbridge site) was an expedient, ill-conceived decision." He implies that the city misled him about the building size proposed many years ago at the transit center site. He said, "This is a game : often played by municipalities, etc." He complains about the prior City Council's promise made to the citizens to "have a new facility before the old one is torn down." He accuses the "city" of conducting an "odd public process" and confusing "planning for a community recreation center." (Remember, as a member of City Council, he participated in the process.)

After council voted for the Stock Bridge site, he attempted as a member of council to limit the expenditure for the community center. Council member Kevin Kaminski moved to "build a decent building" and fund the building at $3 million. Mr. Anderson voted against that motion. He was in the minority. He complained about the County Commissioners' letter to the City Council supporting the Stock Bridge location. He accuses the "city and county officials" of "persuad(ing) state officials : (to) redirect : grant money" (an argument made by Mr. Anderson not to vote for the Stock Bridge site was a loss of grant funds). And finally, he advocates to change the agreement with the library; put seniors and all community center activities in a "temporary home"; and combine the library with a community/recreation center.

It seems Mr. Anderson is willing to accuse almost anyone who disagrees with him of being incompetent, manipulating, misinforming others or playing "games." He proposes to alter plans that took years to accomplish. His "commentary" has definitely made himself appear to be hurt and revengeful for being in the voting minority on City Council. I am not sure Mr. Anderson understands the function of voting and being an elected official in a democracy. After reading his editorial, I believe he is not a proper representative for us taxpayers and citizens.


another_local 10 years, 4 months ago

I think Towny is right.

The council is wasting money. The stockbridge solution was not the result of years of planning, it was hastily cooked up. Now that the price tag has doubled and is still climbing it is appropriate to revisit the issue.

There is no reason that it shold cost $450 per foot to build a community center. It should be half that or less considering there is no land cost.

We should have considered combining the center with the library as he writes and we should still be considering combining it with any rec center plans.

The old council was buffalo'd by an aggessive lobby into a bad plan and we should be rethinking it.


skate456 10 years, 4 months ago

Kudos to Mr. Fletcher for cogently pointing out the problem many of us have with Towny Anderson's politics. I could not agree more with Mr. Flether's observations; they are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for taking the time to write what has needed to be said for some time.


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