Betty Leipold: Cooktown USA?


There have been some recent articles in the Pilot stating that when tourists visit Colorado's mountain towns they want to see historic and "quaint."

I miss those funky old buildings - the Nite's Rest and the Harbor Hotel. They were part of the Steamboat's unique personality. It is nice to see "big sky" where they once stood. But I fear that what's proposed for those spaces will detract rather than add to Steamboat's quaintness. If they end up being like the pictures, they will look like the industrial buildings on Walnut Street in Denver - large, generic commercial buildings.

Once again, someone comes from somewhere else, likes the look and feel of Steamboat and promptly wants to "rearrange the furniture." Will we be living in "Cooktown USA" in the future?


WZ 10 years, 3 months ago

Thank you. Plain and simple. I moved to Steamboat with my location independent work in the early 90's for the same "quaint"/hard core purpose. If I wanted "urban", I would have moved to the schitty in the early 90's instead. I will now be leaving Steamboat with my location independent work because of these developments and what they bring with them. Not to brag, but I am an active volunteer in the community and earn 6 figures. I wonder how many others like myself in Steamboat think this way as well??? God bless America!


another_local 10 years, 3 months ago

Old = Historic? Not always. Sometimes Old is just that... Old. I am not a fan of mister Cook, but the Harbor and the Nite's Rest were not highlights of the downtown for me. We were all used to looking at them... but I am not sorry to see them gone.


Jon Casson 10 years, 3 months ago

Wow.....WZ-that's pretty drastic for such a "caring" member of our community to jump ship (pun intended) based on new development in Steamboat. Not all change is bad. Look at the Ski and Bike Kare building. Is that an eyesore? Was there such a huge fuss about that? The fact of the matter is that the Nite's Rest and the Harbor Hotel were dumps that have sat vacant for extended periods of time and were rapidly becoming eyesores instead of "quaint". They were buildings that were too far gone to be economically viable anymore. If your six figure income dropped to four figures, you'd figure out a way to make yourself more economically viable, as well, right? I moved here in the the mid-90's myself and stayed because I love the community and the people here. I too, have become very active in the community because I care about the people, not the buildings. Buildings come and go....heritage and community dont reside in them.


JazzSlave 10 years, 3 months ago


Different strokes, I suppose. I thought the Harbor & Nite's Rest were eyesores. I'm glad they're gone.


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