Larry Brooks: Coulter has no value


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I concur with Christopher Lohmann that Ann Coulter's column should be discontinued. In my opinion, she adds nothing of value to your newspaper, and in fact, detracts from it with her shrill manner, downright nasty opinions and blatant self-promotion. The Yampa Valley does not need this and you should show more respect for your readers.

If I have to write to you again concerning Ann Coulter, it will be to cancel my subscription.

Larry Brooks, Yampa


arz 10 years, 7 months ago

I'm sorry but I won't be able to cancel my subscription from your free newspaper if you remove Ann Coulter's column.

So how about if I just hold my breath and stamp my feet?


OneFly 10 years, 7 months ago

This post is a very good example of someone who's thought process is a bit skewered. Maybe this explains why other things you post Ann leave a lot to be desired.

Let's see, the "Steamboat Pilot" prints the "Steamboat Today". The Pilot is a paper that one has to purchase which is what Mr. Brooks does. So I guess he can cancel his subscription to that if he chooses. The laugh is on you.


fish 10 years, 7 months ago

I guess that we can all figure out which day of the week some people aren't reading the paper.


Will 10 years, 7 months ago

Those who genuinely find Coulter to be entertaining astound me.

Consider these five examples of her "entertaining" thoughts and unique commentary: (from Media Matters:

  • Commenting on radio host Melanie Morgan's assertion that if New York Times executive editor Bill Keller were convicted of treason she "would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber," Coulter said, "I prefer a firing squad, but I'm open to a debate on the method of execution." She later suggested that Times staff members should be "executed."

  • Coulter said of the media: "Would that it were so! ... That the American military were targeting journalists."

  • Coulter suggested that Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA) is "the reason soldiers invented fragging," - military slang meaning the intentional killing of a member of one's own unit.

  • Coulter argued that the national debate during the Monica Lewinsky controversy should not have focused on whether former President Bill Clinton "did it," but rather "whether to impeach or assassinate" him.

  • Coulter said of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: "We need somebody to put rat poison in Justice Stevens's creme brulee."

And those are just the examples of her death threats. Seriously, this is funny to people?

No, I don't believe she's ACTUALLY serious about any of it. I understand the hyperbole of her rhetoric. But when did political discourse in this country sink to this level where, rather than enlightened or substantive or informed debate on issues, we sit back and enjoy belittlement and vitriol and the occasional death threat.

The community and the Pilot would do well to avoid this type of nonsense from both ends of the political and ideological spectrum. Liberal hate is just as ugly as Conservative hate. And in the end that's all Ann Coulter has to offer - hate. She doesn't offer ideas or solutions. She doesn't even offer a decent conservative point of view. She yells at people and calls them names, and makes fun of them. And often says we should kill them.

Is this the type of coexistence we as a community want to foster? Do we want to encourage the citizens of Steamboat Springs, and Routt County, to launch ad hominem attacks against those with whom they disagree? To ignore the subtlety of issues, the complexity of problems, and instead just call each other names? Do you want your children to pick up the Pilot and read her punditry?

If not, then what purpose does running Ann Coulter's column serve in this community? There are countless smart, logical and civil conservative voices in syndication. Their ranks do not include Ann Coulter.

  • Will Henderson

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