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Chad Mosher, left, accepts a rifle from Donald Broom while John Shipley addresses the crowd at the end of Saturday's Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series finals. Mosher won the 15th annual Pat Mantle Memorial bronc riding contest. The prize package included the rifle and $2,000.

— Chad Mosher has won a lot in his rodeo career.

He has more than 10 saddles and hundreds of belt buckles.

But on Saturday night, he won his most special prize to date.

As the winner of the 15th annual Pat Mantle Memorial Bronc Riding title, he took home a custom Henry .44-caliber Magnum rifle and $2,000.

"This is really special," said Mosher, who lives just outside of Colorado Springs. "This is the first rifle I've won. It's been a goal I've tried to achieve since I've been doing pro rodeo. This is such a unique prize. I only know of one other rodeo that gives away a rifle."

When Mosher arrived at the rodeo Saturday, he said he felt like this could be his year to win the Pat Mantle competition.

After he drew a horse he'd already seen twice this year - and got a late draw that saw him riding fifth out of six riders, he knew all he had to do was stay on the bronc and the title would be his.

"Once I got my draw as next-to-last to go, I wished the other guys luck and knew this could be my night," he said.

After two of the first four riders fell off, Mosher entered the chute. His bronc jutted out, turned once and hopped forward. With his ride in the books, Mosher scored a 74 to take the overall lead. The last rider scored a 68, leaving the title to Mosher.

Mosher, who was married last month, said the prize money would be used to pay off his wedding and other bills. But Mosher said the rifle is the prize every competitor wants.

"They're both important," he said. "The money will help, but I'll have this forever. That's a lot more valuable."

The Pat Mantle event started 15 years ago and has become a rite of passage for saddle bronc riders in the Mountain States Circuit.

Donald Broom, who was raised by Pat Mantle's sister, Queeda Broom, said the competition always brings up good memories of Pat and the way he lived.

"Tonight means to me what Pat Mantle would want it to be," he said. "Pat Mantle would want it to be good bronc riding. This keeps the Western atmosphere in Steamboat, and to me, this is what Steamboat was started on and what it needs to end on."


mmosher 10 years, 6 months ago

It is with great sadness that I tell you this.

Chad and I were married on September 30th, three days later our house was robbed. Among the many items they stole was Chad's Pat Mantle Memorial rifle.

Chad had waited such a long time to win the Pat Mantle Memorial rifle. I was so proud of him when he called me that night to tell me, I knew it was his dream come true! He took his rifle with him wherever he went, showing it to everyone he could. He actually had stars in his eyes and a grin from ear to ear when he talked about it! He was so proud to win his rifle, and had every right to be. The Pat Mantle Memorial rifle is not easy to win and it is every Bronc Riders dream to actually win it! Chad has won many saddles, buckles and other awards in his rodeo career, but this was by far the most special to him. He absolutely loved his rifle!!

Chad only had his Pat Mantle Memorial rifle a little over a month when they took it from him. The rifle, which Chad truly cherished and honored, is now sitting in the dirty hands of a thief who does not deserve or appreciate such a prestigious award. It is just really sad that someone so heartless can take someone's dream away from him in an instant. I can only imagine the feeling Chad must of had when he knew he won his Pat Mantle Memorial rifle; I know that nobody can ever steal feeling from him. It is just really heartbreaking for me to even think of.

I just wanted the town of Steamboat Springs to know how much the Pat Mantle Memorial rifle means to all the Bronc Riders who try to win it every year. So next year when you see the cowboy accept his rifle, please know that he is very deserving and very honored to receive his Pat Mantle Memorial rifle!! I am sure Chad will be back next year.....

Warm Regards, Michelle Mosher


ihatestupidpeople 10 years, 6 months ago

i know how much that rifle ment to him i work for the stock contractor that had the rodeo 2 yrs ago and know how much of a big deal the pat mantle was and how hard all of the cowboys try and work at getting a chance to win it. i am sorry for your loss i hope that some day they will find the people that took it and then it can get returned. best of luck and happy trails


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