Sound Off for Aug. 20


Ritter gets vote

It's no contest. Bill Ritter is the only qualified candidate to lead Colorado. Why elect someone who doesn't support Referendum C and who has a proven track record of inaction in the U.S. government? Bill Ritter has a balanced approach to governance and will make decisions that reflect the true values of the citizens of Colorado.

More mistakes

I'm not sure why I continue to pay for this paper. Your sports section says, "Pernice vaults to the top of International" in Sunday's paper, and directly across it shows the International scores as of Saturday, showing Zach Johnson at the top. Does anyone read your paper before they publish this? If the average person reading the paper can look at the errors and the stupid way these stories are posted, I can't imagine somebody from your paper can't do the same thing. I'm about done with your paper.

Rust roofs

With all the development going on, I hope the builders don't succumb to the fad of rusty roofs. Rust on an old building is legitimate, but on a new building looks silly. It also makes the building look like it's under demolition.

Kaminksi decision

I urge Mr. Kaminski to reconsider his decision to live apart from his family for three years.

For Kevin Kaminski to put his own selfish ego needs ahead of the needs of his wife and children doesn't belong in our city, let alone our government.

DA's Office troubles

Why is it that another deputy district attorney has left the DA's Office in the 14th Judicial District? Since Ms. Roesink was elected to be our district attorney, some 10 to 12 deputy district attorneys have left. Now another district attorney has left, and she won't even return phone calls.

Vote Libertarian

I'll be voting for the Libertarian candidate for governor, Dawn Winkler-Kinateder.

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CoJustice 10 years, 5 months ago

After seeing Bill Ritter's debate the other night, and his statement to grant illegal immigrants In-State-Tuition after three years was worrisome. This is a slap in the face to all men that have had to register with selective service, and have served in the armed forces to be eligible for the same privilege. Illegals will flock to Colorado. Bill Ritter also wanted college applicants to be judged on race for admissions. So I ask::.will "We The People" of Colorado tax payers fund to educate illegal immigrants that are guaranteed an admission based on race? Vote NO on Bill Ritter.


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