Audrey Mandell: Support on-site housing


City Council members Loui Antonucci, Paul Strong and Kevin Kaminski need to back efforts to mandate affordable housing in Steamboat Springs, starting at the base area with One Steamboat Place at Tuesday night's council meeting.

Here is the perfect opportunity to bring the year-round vitality we want and need and that planning commissioners urged from the developers back in July to offset the density and scale the developers are demanding to make their project work.

Let's get on board with other progressive ski areas like Aspen (where they even have affordable housing at The Ritz), Mount Crested Butte and Telluride. These (and more) resort towns mandate all new construction provide on-site affordable housing and employee housing. It is working in other towns because it has to work. Our council just needs the backbone to insist it work here, too.

It would be a huge mistake to use the fee-in-lieu option for One Steamboat Place. The fee in lieu is no guarantee that it will actually produce any real affordable units - and it certainly doesn't address the critical issue of creating vitality at the base area. Fees in lieu only allow developers to buy their way out of providing affordable housing where it is needed the most. Accepting a fee in lieu (and a low one at that) will only validate that he doesn't have to. It's the council's responsibility to be united in this effort so that we get the public benefit of affordable housing and vitality at the base in exchange for the mass and scale of One Steamboat Place. If you love your Steamboat, call, write or e-mail City Council members before Tuesday's meeting.

Audrey Mandell

Steamboat Springs


retiredinss 10 years, 8 months ago

I agree with Ms. Mandell. The way to make affordable housing work is to mandate a defined proportion of all projects be such, and maintained as such for the life of the project. Else, it will be a continuing problem, to be put off until ............


angelina_jelly 10 years, 8 months ago

I disagree with everyone. Does not anyone read Ayn Rand anymore? Does not anyone believe in the free market economy? What is wrong with you communists?

Let's "mandate" that people must live where they can support themselves by their own means. I am so sick of all of the free-loading riff raff in this town. If a person cannot afford to buy a home in Routt County then that person should not live here. If that means that I must eventually pay more for goods and services in the event that the market rate for wages increases that is fine with me.

It is especially sickening to see parents who make their children suffer by living in mobile homes and crap cans out of their selfish sense of entitlement to live in a resort town. Give me a break!


Instead I ask: can someone direct me to where I might apply for "affordable" beach front housing in Malibu?

I believe that I am just as entitled to beach front property in Malibu as you bums are entitled to own a home you cannot afford in Routt County.

News Flash: There are many places in the U.S. where the cost of living is cheaper than Routt County. There are many places where the cost of real estate is higher.

Go flipping live where you can afford to live and get your dirty mits out of my designer wallet.


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