Kaminski to keep his seat

Council member to buy apartment in District 3; family will live in District 2



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Kevin Kaminski, who represents District 2 on the Steamboat Springs City Council, has decided to purchase an apartment within the district so he can remain on the Council even as he closes a purchase of a house outside his district.

Kevin Kaminski said he plans to continue serving on the Steamboat Springs City Council despite closing today on the purchase of a home outside his district.

Kaminski was elected in November 2005 to represent District 3, which includes neighborhoods south of Walton Creek Road. The home he plans to purchase is on Steamboat Boulevard, in District 2.

According to the Steamboat Springs City Charter, Kaminski would have to leave his seat on the council if he moved out of District 3. He said Thursday that in order to "fulfill his obligation" to the voters who elected him, he plans to continue living in District 3 while his family lives in District 2.

Kaminski is married and has two children, Kylen, 9, and Keely, 4.

Kaminski said he will continue living in his family's District 3 home on Red Hawk Court. In the long term, he plans to purchase an apartment in District 3 and live there after the Red Hawk Court home is sold. He said he plans to stay with his family at the new house on Steamboat Boulevard on weekends.

"I'm not doing anything easy," Kaminski said. "My family is willing to work with me. It will be a major inconvenience in my life, but I'm aware of why I was voted in, I have a purpose on the council, and I want to continue to pursue that."

Kaminski met Thursday with City Manager Alan Lanning and City Attorney Tony Lettunich to discuss the situation.

"At this point, we have made the decision to go ahead and continue my obligation to the public," Kaminski said.

Kaminski's term continues until November 2009.

Lettunich has said that determining the residency of an individual is a complex issue.

Criteria including location of personal property, motor vehicle registration, residence of parents, spouse and children, employment and income sources are part of determining someone's primary residence, Lettunich said.

Kaminski said determining residency will not be a factor because he will simply continue living in the district he represents.

He acknowledged that people may doubt or question the feasibility of his situation.

"There definitely will be a challenge," Kaminski said. "I don't know what they'll be trying to fight, because I won't be doing anything illegal. I'm not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes - I'm just trying to fulfill my obligation. If (people) want to watch me, they can watch me."

City Council President Pro-tem Susan Dellinger said Kaminski is in for a challenging time.

"He has kids and a family - it will be hard," Dellinger said. "But to me, it's really up to his constituents and whether they think they're being represented."

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Curtis Church 10 years, 8 months ago

I have supported Mr. Kaminski's views up to this point in his representation as a City Council member. However, the appearance this new situation creates, trying to circumvent local ordinances in our city charter to satisfy his own desires, calls into question my support. There seems to be an ethical question here. This decision to rent/buy a small unit in District 3 may reflect poorly upon upcoming decisions Mr. Kaminski, as a City Council member, makes in the future.

My belief is that Mr. Kaminski needs to think long and hard about this decision. The public will likely have much to say about this topic in the coming days.

Curt Church


Matthew Stoddard 10 years, 8 months ago

I have to respect his decision. In a town where people buy & sell their homes once a year, he's willing to put his life as a public official to the forefront. Kevin's a good man, and I hope this doesn't put any kind of strain on his marriage. If it does, then I agree he should step back from Council.


whatever 10 years, 8 months ago

Sorry, that shoud read "Psychopath keeps seat" incase any one missed the point. I am scared of this person. Must love his weekday family more than his weekend family.


Matthew Stoddard 10 years, 8 months ago

Whatever- just because he's occupying a different location doesn't mean anything. Military personnel serving overseas sometimes are stationed where they can't bring loved ones. Nobody ever construes that as marital problems. Are you privy to Kevin's private life so that you know something different? I'm sure keeping the 2nd address doesn't preclude sleepovers.

Numbers- I went to school with Kevin, although his older brother Chris was closer to my class. I won't say Kevin's a good friend of mine, but having known him and his family (and wife, who also went to school when I was there) I'll trust Kevin's decision if he says he and his wife agreed on this set-up.


fish 10 years, 8 months ago

Whatever sounds like some one that was fired from Kevin's business.


love2ride 10 years, 8 months ago

I know kevin and his family. Both myself and my spouse went to school with he and his wife. They are not having marital problems. Kevin just wants to have both...family and continue his work as a council member. In this size town...and with people buying and selling in this market....what is the big deal. But, he will do what's most important for his family .... first!! He's a wonderful person and his wife is very supportive.

Whatever and fish don't have a clue..........


fish 10 years, 8 months ago

Sorry love2 ride that you misunderstood. I figured whatever was probably a former employee. I think Kevin is doing a great job and wish to see him continue.


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