Troy Langston: Striking balance


I would like to reply to the letter from Christopher Lohmann. This concerns the inclusion of Ann Coulter's column in your weekly roundabout of opinion. I applaud your effort at balance in opines people in Steamboat are getting. I don't know you personally but figure you have the best at heart for folks you serve here.

It sounds like Mr. Lohmann probably needs to start his own newspaper. It could flourish, as long as no one disagreed with his view of what should be printed.

Lohmann is right; a paper needs to appeal to as many readers as it can. His only misstep is his belief everyone thinks like him.

I'm glad he's decided to forego his boycott of businesses who advertises in your publication. That's a load off, I was envisioning a local recession :

If quality issues are comparing Maureen Dowd's intellect and mental acuity to Ann Coulter's then I want a ringside seat.

He's correct that you're responsible for what appears in this publication, and I for one encourage you for striking some balance.

Troy Langston

Steamboat Springs


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