Hayden School Board meets Wednesday



Hayden football player Sam Kopsa pulls in a pass during the Tigers' football practice on Wednesday. The Hayden School Board is voting on student and activity fee schedules for the upcoming year.

Past Event

Hayden School Board meeting

  • Wednesday, August 16, 2006, 7 p.m.
  • Hayden School District offices, 495 W. Jefferson Ave., Hayden, CO
  • All ages / Free


— Before the school year begins, the Hayden School Board has a list of items it needs to take action on.

The board will vote tonight on the handbooks at the three district schools and the student and activity fee schedule for the 2006-07 school year.

Superintendent Mike Luppes doesn't anticipate much discussion on the activity fees, but the board decided it wanted to review and approve fees annually.

For all students, the fee is $10, but Luppes wants kindergarteners to be exempt from paying it.

"(Student fees) help to defray expenses for field and admission to paid activities, so all students would get in free," he said.

At the high school, the activities fee is $50 per student for his or her first activity. The second activity costs $25 per student. There is no charge for additional activities.

For middle school students, the first activity costs $30 per student. The second activity costs $15 per student. There is no charge for additional activities.

District-wide, the maximum a family would pay is $200.

Activity fees were implemented last year.

"The decision to approve them was not a matter of not wanting them," Luppes said. "It was, 'Yes, we need to approve them on a yearly basis.'"

Also up for approval are the free and reduced meal policy, the child nutrition program renewal agreement and the bus scheduling and routing policy.

"Those are all things that need to be approved each year before school starts," Luppes said.

The capital expenditure item up for approval is an about $1,600 intercom system at the elementary school.

The board meets at 7 p.m. today at the administration offices at 495 Jefferson Ave. in Hayden.

The board also will review accreditation reports for Hay-den Valley Elementary School, Hayden Middle School and Hayden Valley High School during its scheduled time for action items.

Luppes and the board members have had limited opportunities to meet this summer because of vacations, so accrediting each school may be tabled.

The Colorado Department of Education accredits a school district. The board, in turn, accredits individual schools.


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