Sound Off for August 13


Silly question

It must be getting very difficult to come up with questions for Sound Off. Of course, the electronic voting machines must be trusted for accuracy. Kay Weinland would make sure that everything would be done right and so would the state of Colorado.

No electronic voting

I'm absolutely against electronic voting unless there is a paper trail so that recounts can be accomplished. Without that, all you can do is recount what's in the electronic machines and that serves no purpose. I understand that the Congress and Senate are looking at legislation to address this and I certainly hope it passes.

School with a pool

With so many issues coming up to the ballot, such as a new school and a new recreation center, I would like to offer the suggestion that the new indoor swimming pool be built along with the new school and that the gyms at the high school be opened to the public. That way we would not need a new recreation center. The indoor pool should be part of the school system and the gyms should be open to the public.

Doesn't like Coulter

Hi, my name is Amy Goodwin and I'm just responding to Christopher Lohmann's opinion in the ViewPoints section of the Today. I would just like to say that I agree with him wholeheartedly that Ann Coulter has no place in an editorial section of a newspaper. Hardly ever are her comments based in fact and she has a tendency to avoid answering questions by making outrageous and inflammatory comments. I think that's incredibly inappropriate. Unless you want to put in some completely right-wing bashing, nonfactual commentary in to balance her out, I think you need to remove her.

Don't censor Coulter

In response to Christopher Lohmann's letter to Scott Stanford, I must admit I don't know whether to laugh or not. Mr. Lohmann, whether or not you enjoy Ms. Coulter's column, the fact remains that the requests you make to the Editor appear to call for censorship. "...That suggestion is an insult to the memory of millions ... killed over the course of history." What a brash soliloquy you spout. Indeed, when asking, or shall I say, demanding the editor to cease printing Ms. Coulter's weekly column, you commit the very acts that you find so deplorable.

Fix the median

I find it disturbing that our city and county governments have all the grandiose plans to build a recreation center and community center, tidy up the base area at the ski area and have permitted developers to build gaudy structures sprinkled throughout our sought-after county and city, when the southeast entrance to our city on U.S. Highway 40 still looks so bad. When is someone going to step up to the plate and clean up and green up the median between Walton Creek and Pine Grove Roads? That entrance to our otherwise beautiful city doesn't do us justice.


brome 10 years, 4 months ago

Do the police have nothing better to do that entrap people to buy liquor for minors?


dave reynolds 10 years, 4 months ago

Amy thie town is so libarl anyway so of us like to hear the TRUTH maybe Coulter is at best sarcastic but with the loss of Imus in the Morning.Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Luara it is still refreashing to hear some obtomisum..people interject their political beliefs in what they write or in point 96.9 those DJ's do it constantly...and brome entrapment palease when you get the call your kid is injured cause he or she was intoxicated what will you say then (being a minor of course)


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