Don Patterson: Keep Coulter


I have recently read a couple of letters to the editor asking you not to print Ann Counter's column in the paper. And from Scott Stanford's article, "Don't Like Coulter? Read Dowd" (Steamboat Today, July 27), I gather you have received at least one e-mail that threatens to boycott businesses that advertise in your papers.

I'm sure that all of these people would say they strongly believe in free speech and that they are absolutely against censorship. They don't want you to censor Ann Coulter, they just want you to stop printing her articles. That may be a distinction without a difference, but I'm sure it is a distinction that must be maintained.

It is alleged that she is "mean." She certainly can be sarcastic, but she is always witty. For decades, liberals have accused conservatives of being Neanderthals, bigots, racists, merciless, stupid, greedy and a host of other similar pejoratives. Ann Coulter may have taken the gloves off, but liberals have been fighting the war of words bare-knuckled for quite some time.

I appreciate that you print her articles and hope you will continue to do so. I also appreciate that you print Maureen Dowd. I think that it is very healthy that you print a broad range of editorials. One of the things that makes the Steamboat Pilot & Today such a great newspaper is your balance. Please do not yield to the would-be censors.

Don Patterson

Steamboat Springs


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