Pink Floyd note for note


Sons of Nothing (Pink Floyd Tribute Show)

10 p.m.

Levelz in Ski Time Square

$6 before 10 p.m.


When Sons of Nothing band members play as themselves, they tend toward a brand of rock 'n' roll that sounds like Yes or the Alan Parsons Project or even a guitar-driven Weather Report. But when they are playing as Sons of Nothing, the Pink Floyd tribute band, their style is a strict, note-for-note reproduction of the original thing.

"Pink Floyd was the first band I ever heard that I actually got pictures in my head that were not just images of a bunch of guys playing instruments," bass player Thom Bowers said. "The music was very surreal and evocative. It lends itself to letting go to explore outer space or inner space.

"It just took me to another place, and I get the same feeling when I play their music on stage."

For Saturday's show at Levelz, Sons of Nothing will play a full-length Pink Floyd show complete with a falling airplane and light show. If one of their originals slips into the set list, the audience barely will notice, considering Pink Floyd is one of their biggest influences.

In years past, things were reversed. Sons of Nothing played their own music and slipped in a few Pink Floyd covers along the way. They slowly added more Pink Floyd songs until they knew enough songs to occupy an entire show.

"Word got around about it," Bowers said. "I didn't intend this to happen. It just took off."

As they toured, the Pink Floyd concept was an easy way to get on stage in places where their original music might not be welcome. Occasionally, the group even opened for themselves as two completely different bands with the same name and the same members.

Saturday's show promises to be theatrical, complete with a large video screen and objects shooting out over the audience.

"Our plan at this show is to play one song from each of 14 (Pink Floyd) albums," Bowers said. "It will be quite the history lesson."


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