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Read about who's who

Who was I and what did I know before McSweeney's? Not very much, I now realize. I have been living in isolation for so long that I do not know what is cool. I am a failing snob. Which is why I was so happy to see that my lifeline back into "the know" has returned.

After months of begging, at least quietly in my mind, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore now has a subscription to McSweeney's, a quarterly literary magazine for the who's-who hipsters of the book world. Off the Beaten Path has copies going back several issues.

I failed the hairless fox

At this year's Steamboat Mountain Brewfest, I realized that I am a failed entrepreneur. In December, a friend and I designed a logo for "The Alleged Cat Eater" T-shirts. Alas, too lazy to actually create the things, we let the opportunity pass.

I had forgotten about it until Saturday. As I wiled away the hours, carefully analyzing the texture, aroma and hoppiness of various microbrews, I saw a guy in a homemade "Save the Hairless Fox" T-shirt.

The demand was great and the market so ripe for hairless fox T-shirts that people had to make their own. I apologize for my failure.

As I wailed into my ale, a friend suggested that I not flake out on my plans to make the T-shirt "Steamboat: I never meant to stay this long."

We'll see whether it happens or whether it becomes yet another addition to the "T-shirts dreamed but never made/life failures" bin.

Great exhibit, low turnout

On Friday night, I wandered into the "Brilliance Before the Brush: Diego Rivera" exhibit at the Depot Art Center ready to dive into a room of heady talk about the history of Mexican art and the future of the Steamboat art scene. Instead, I saw only a few people wandering from sketch to sketch.

Although I was disappointed by the low turnout, I was impressed by the show. Hung in a straight line that wraps around the gallery, the exhibit has a nice flow.

The formal opening for the show is tonight. I'm sure the turnout will be better. I also hope the Mexican wedding cookies and hibiscus tea from last week are there.

-- Autumn Phillips


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