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Sound Off good

I support the Sound Off forum. It is a great way to express opinions and exercise free speech. With that said, why would anybody in free America want to suppress free speech? Some people like to sound off anonymously because there are insecure, intolerant control freaks in the world that give people a hard time.
Heritage Park field?

Absolutely not. First off, the homeowners don't want it.hey are not able to vote on city issues, so the city should not impose this on them. Second, it came in way over budget. How does the city keep coming up with the extreme amounts of money to pay for the tennis bubble, the golf clubhouse and ball fields, but doesn't provide for quality, essential services?

No, I do not believe that the city of Steamboat Springs should build an artificial-turf field at Heritage Park. Surely, this has not been thought through thoroughly. Several issues come to mind, including the aging water system under the proposed field area and a lack of parking plans.t seems that many other suitable areas present themselves that would allow parking to be provided and not necessitate additional funds when problems arise such as repairing the underlying water system.

The proposed site in Heritage Park is not a good coice for a baseball field, artificial turf or natural.
The site is too small, with the field set up so that the ball is hit toward homes. The roads are private, and the increased traffic will affect the homeowners who must pay for the upkeep of the road. Also, the road in Heritage Park is not very wide, making parking a safety hazard. Increased conjestion will be a nightmare for the residents of Heritage Park and with regard to Steamboat II residents' access to U.S. Highway 40. A traffic light would be needed. The city and Ty Lockhart should not be able to force this upon county residents who do not have a vote in city matters.

As a homeowner in Heritage Park, I do not feel the city should build an artificial turf field here. One of the reasons I moved out here was to leave part of the problems that come with Triple Crown. I'm not able to vote on the issues or the City Council members who decide this. Them bringing an artificial turf will bring the problems that come with Triple Crown out here -- the noise, the traffic, the parking congestion, etc.


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