How small a canvas

Opening showcases big things in small packages


You don't realize how small a canvas 12-by-12 inches is until you walk into a gallery full of square images that size.

Twelve-by-twelve inches is the size of a record album cover. It's barely larger than a dinner plate.

¤ Opening reception for "12 x 12," an exhibit of work by artist members of the Steamboat Springs Arts Council ¤ 5 to 7 p.m. today ¤ Depot Art Center, 1001 13th St. ¤ 879-9008

Tonight, 60 1-foot-by-1-foot paintings and photographs will be hanging on the walls of the Depot Art Center, stretching in a long, thin line.

The show, "12 x 12," represents the work of 34 artists and is part of the annual show held at this time of year to showcase Steamboat Springs Arts Council's artist members.

Works include landscapes and more abstract pieces.

At first, the small size is frustrating, but it forces you to get close to the pieces. The viewing experience is as if you are pressing your face into your cupped hands to look into a window. Each piece is entered and exhibited in this way.

A 1-square-foot canvas can hold something as simple as a close-up of a flower or as complex as the retelling of an entire road trip, such as the triptych by Steamboat artist Keri Searls titled, "Roadtrip: Wyoming, Montana, Colorado."


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