Sound Off for Sept. 4


Promises, promises

The City Council also vowed to do it right this time when addressing the access change to Emerald Field through Trafalgar neighborhood and they did nothing. So what does getting it right this time actually mean? It means nothing to us.

Approaching threshold

No the cost of fuel hasn't changed my driving habits, but I am wondering what my threshold will be and when I will start changing my habits.

Hear our voices

I am calling to voice my complaint with the Pilot & Today newspaper and the newspaper's representation of the Heritage Park homeowners throughout this process of the artificial turf fields and the other fields that are going in.

Every time you write about it, you have never once interviewed our Board of Directors or any of our homeowners. I'd like to make the public aware that the homeowners pay for the maintenance of the road out here through our homeowners dues. So when you bring an additional amount of people on our road, we have to recoup that cost. Also, because we are not in the city, we have no control over city issues, we can't vote for City Council. Since we are not in the city and cannot vote on this, I don't feel that we should be forced to allow Triple Crown to come out here. We have no voice except through the newspaper, and I hope you will start letting our voice be heard.

School money

So the school district has about 83 more students than anticipated across the district. That, at $7,500 per student, is more than $600,000. Even if the district hires two middle school teachers, that still leaves and extra $500,000. It would be good to know how the district plans to spend this money.

Maybe Spanish classes in elementary school, maybe funding more sports. It would be nice to know what you are going to do with that.


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