On Scene for Sept. 1


The new dog in town

Levelz Nightclub has a new guard dog. Roxy definitely is the cutest new addition to Steamboat Springs. The teacup poodle is the size of my palm and probably weighs as much as a pair of socks. She has her own fur-lined Roxy pet carrier.

When she isn't napping or licking clean her paws, she will be checking IDs and stamping hands at the door.

Steamboat supergroup

After meeting Roxy, we were drawn by the sounds of Bill Smith/Bodacious Tatas/Hard Poor Corn. Although they have been playing regularly, last Friday night was my first time to catch the band, which took the stage in the form of the ultimate Steamboat supergroup.

Ean Smith, DanK, Graham Waters and Sam Caston were joined by Ron Wheeler on drums and Pat Donovan on saxophone.

The highlight of the night was when DanK stepped to the mic to sing, taking the group's usual instrumental wanderings to the next level.

Playing in Portland

And although it was nice to come home to the usual suspects in Steamboat, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the great time I had in Portland, Maine, last week at Bubba's Sulky Lounge watching The Awesome, my favorite '80s cover band.

The band members wore wigs and mesh sports jerseys on stage, but the most entertainment came from the bar. The walls were covered with a melange of dusty taxidermy, antique bicycles and the largest collection of lunchboxes I've ever seen.

And scattered all around were rusty animal traps in all sizes and degrees of danger for drunken patrons to play with.

-- Autumn Phillips

Big-screen debut

Steamboat made its debut on "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive" on Sunday when three contestants ditched their ranching duties to watch a movie. When trying to catch a taxi, the three apparently trespassed, prompting an appearance by Routt County Sheriff's Office deputies. Stay tuned next week to see whether Fabian Basabe calls in his high-profile attorneys to counter what he describes as "defamation of character." Uh, what character?

-- Melinda Mawdsley


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