Mike Gleason: Class not liked :


I've just completed reading the editorial about the Senior Odyssey program (Viewpoints, Nov. 27). The editorial fairly portrayed statistics that students valued the senior project. As a member of the Steamboat Springs High School Class of 2005, I can't agree more. What the editorial fails to mention, however, is that the project and the class are two very different aspects of the course. Although the project was held at high esteem by much of my graduating class, the classroom aspect of Senior Odyssey was not. If the editorial had printed the statistics of what my graduating class viewed of the importance of the Senior Odyssey classroom work, the entire argument of the editorial would have collapsed. Although I am in favor of some sort of graduation final project requirement (the project was, after all, very popular), the classroom portion of Odyssey was obsolete and worthless, as well as very unpopular among students as well as staff. The class needs to be stricken from requirements, and the relatively small group of supporters within the school district need to be disbanded.

Mike Gleason

Steamboat Springs


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