Dreaming it up in a new place


That bit of news might not have any significance in Steamboat Springs, where the band has yet to build a following, but if you were a Wisconsin resident, you would be clearing your schedule to make sure you didn't miss the reunion of your favorite acoustic duo.

Matt Lindemeyer moved to Steamboat Springs a month ago to join his former band mate, David Harlan, back on stage after they parted ways in Wisconsin more than a year ago.

¤ Dogsled

¤ 10 p.m. Saturday

¤ Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, 628 Lincoln Ave.

¤ Free

Dogsled's sound is somewhere between early Phish and Frank Zappa -- usually irreverent and funny.

Although their songs are guitar based, the Dogsled stage is always scattered with drums -- djembes, congas, bongos and other percussions -- and extended drum jams eventually work their way into songs.

Dogsled played together for eight years in Wisconsin, building a large following before splitting.

They met in the Wisconsin Dells, where Harlan was working as a professional water skier in a park across the road from a bar where Lindemeyer was playing a regular solo acoustic gig.

Harlan came to one of the shows and sat down to play with Lindemeyer during a set break. They instantly clicked and have been playing together since.

Lindemeyer's musical style came from a blues and classic rock background, and Harlan's sound had more of a punk edge.

"They blended nicely to form our sound," Lindemeyer said.

The band plays a mix of covers and originals. One of their most popular songs is Harlan's "One Thing."

"The message of this song changes as my life changes," Harlan said. "It gains more relevance."

The song begins, "You have one things on your mind / You don't know what it is / but you'll figure it out."

After almost a decade on stage together, the two musicians decided to go their separate ways. Harlan made the move to Steamboat, and Lindemeyer chose Florida.

"David kept telling me that when I got tired of Florida, I should come to Steamboat," Lindemeyer said. "He kept telling me how beautiful it was."

Lindemeyer hadn't been in town a week before he got his first show at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.

"I can't go very long without playing live," he said. He asked Rio manager Doug Mouton if he had a band scheduled for that night and offered to play for free. Since then, Lindemeyer has played a couple of gigs at the Rio, and Dogsled has had its Steamboat stage debut first at the Rio and then at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill's open mic night.

If the buzz hasn't gotten to you yet about their band, it's because no one you know saw their show.

"What happened in the Dells was we played so much we didn't realize how much exposure we were getting," Lindemeyer said. "We want to dream it all up again in a new place."


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