Sound Off for Nov. 20


Recreation center

Absolutely. Every community needs a recreation center.

Are we talking about a community center, a recreation center or something in between? In any case, I think we need to carefully sort out our options before rushing into something.

A publicly funded recreation center is an awful idea. The function of government is not to be providing this type of service. Steamboat is quickly becoming a place for the wealthy and lazy, with no economic room for the working family. A rec center would move it another big step in that direction.

We desperately need a community recreation center for multiple users and all ages, a facility that everyone in the community can use and be proud of for decades to come. Do not rush ahead to build a stand alone senior center that may only be a quick fix for one immediate need. Take the time to evaluate everyone's needs, build one facility and do it right the first time.

A community recreation center is a natural fit for this community.hat we don't need is a separate stand alone facility for 30 people. As I become a senior citizen in this town, I would hope that I, too, could go to have an inexpensive lunch somewhere with 29 of my friends but then walk it off around the indoor track in the same facility.

We are blessed to live in an area of great beauty, and along with that, a lot of opportunities of recreation. Those who vacation in this area do not come here for a recreation center. It's time now to change our thinking and take advantage of what we have and stop thinking about what we do not have.

Cheesy photo

About Sunday's article about the Nordic masters program. It was a good article but a terrible photo. The Pilot should really correct using photographs. That photo was from 1990, so it was 15 years old. Get a better photograph. It's not going to get any people involved in the masters program if you use such a cheesy picture.


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