Sound Off for Nov. 13


Charge for bus service

The city definitely should charge for bus service, not only for new routes but to defer from the costs of gas.

The citizens of Steamboat, through their tax money, fund the bus service, and the bus service seems to be benefiting mostly the tourists. It's not unreasonable to charge them merely $1 for a ride. It is a small token for them to have such a luxury. There is no reason why the bus service should not be paid for by all riders.

Don't charge for service

I agree the city bus system needs to expand. You can't access Elk River Road businesses or Twentymile Road for employment purposes, and the Yellow Line is not that convenient. But I don't think you should charge for service.

Bad question

The question of the week is too simplistic. I don't think you've provided your readers with the correct information on how much grant money the city would lose if it did charge for bus routes. I think you need to publish that with your simplistic question.

Allow skateboarding

Skateboarding should be legal on all streets and sidewalks in Steamboat. It's a healthy sport and a practical form of transportation. Kids need to be able to skateboard somewhere. If you don't give them places to skate legally, they'll skate there illegally.

Give Dr. D a break

Can't the Pilot give John DeVincentis a break? Why print all the nastiness from Paula Stephenson about John being married to a teacher? Wasn't I just reading a few weeks ago that she was angry at the Fund Board? Ugh. I'm so glad the new School Board will be nicer.

Agrees with letter

Thank you for publishing the letter 'Learn English' in the Nov. 6 Pilot & Today, thank you to Tom O'Halloran for a well-written letter and putting into words the thoughts of so many of us who have emigrated into this country.

Move forward

I got up this morning expecting to see a great article on a great City Council meeting. It probably was the best City Council meeting we've had in years. I got up and all I'm seeing is ancient history. It's time for us to stop being constipated and move forward.


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