Oak Creek repeals water law


Although the Oak Creek Town Board has stopped discussion about installing town water meters, it revisited a past water meter ordinance Thursday night to repeal it and make a few amendments.

The ordinance was written in 1987 by the town as part of a requirement to receive a federal grant. However, the ordinance had never been enforced because the grant was taken away.

The ordinance listed several requirements and guidelines for the town and its residents to abide by, had the grant money been awarded and subsequent meters installed. The purpose of the grant was for sewer line work and building a water pumping station.

The Town Board made a few changes to the ordinance. For example, the new ordinance states that any new construction of businesses or homes must have water meters. The board members also made property owners responsible for the repair of water meters from the Public Works Department if they were damaged by neglect. Water meters needing repair for normal wear and tear are the town's responsibility to repair.

Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rode-man said the amended ordinance would apply to water meters installed in the future.

In other business

Oak Creek Town Board:

Appointed Oak Creek police Chief Linda Koile to the Routt County Communications Board with officer Chris Tritz as an alternate.

Accepted a snow bid from a local resident. The town will pay the man $50 a time to clear the town hall's sidewalks of snow in the winter.

Approved a request by Don Reed to sell Christmas trees in town. The Town Board also waived the $45 vendor fee Reed would pay because he plans to donate a portion of his profits to the Oak Creek Hockey Association.

Added board member Karen Halterman to the authorized list of official town signers. Check signers are board members Bill Paxton, John Crawford, Mike Kien, City Clerk Nancy Crawford and Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman. Treasurer Karrie Littman is not an authorized check signer, as was previously reported.


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