On Scene for Nov. 4


Parading for costumes

Halloween really starts in August, when you feel the first pangs of costume pressure. It continues through September as one mediocre costume idea after another is dreamt and discarded. Suddenly, it's October. People all around you know what they are going to be for Halloween, and you have no clue.

And so it was ... Friday, I found myself in a long parade of people that ran from Celebrations to Rummagers to the Steamboat Recycles Thrift Shop to Wal-Mart. In that order and strangely en masse. We saw each other one last time in the toy gun aisle of Wal-Mart, and if I saw them that night downtown, I didn't know it.

Halloween on Saturday

According to the calendar, Halloween happened on Monday. But in Steamboat Springs it was a four-day event beginning at Levelz on Friday night.

We chose Saturday.

Halloween is a chance for men to dress like women and for women to dress like prostitutes, or so it seemed at the Old Town Pub that night.

Beyond that, there were two "Wizard of Oz" crews, which was disturbing. There was a good Edward Scissorhands and a few hairless foxes.

As always, there were a bunch of people dressed up as Billy Kidd, but this year, they had filled pockets and references to shoplifting.

And, as always, there was someone who decided to wear a big costume in a crowded room. We all felt bad for the row of three gigantic cardboard Legos as they bumped their way through the room. I wasn't surprised to see the costumes, empty and discarded, in the other room an hour later.

Moshing to The Plagiarists

I'll admit I was a little afraid, but that's exactly how you should feel when walking into a punk show by The Plagiarists.

Monday night, I couldn't get myself to put on my beer-stained Courtney Love dress from Saturday. I threw on some jeans and walked toward what sounded like a street fight in front of the Rio Grande. Suddenly, three police vehicles pulled into the parking lot to break up the fight.

Inside, hunters and teddy bears were moshing to the Plagiarist beat. My favorite moment came when Scott Glackman pushed his way into the pit and bounced around with his Pharaoh headdress and long white robe.

-- Autumn Phillips


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