Sound off for May 8


Too much secrecy

No, I do not approve of the county commissioners' handling of the justice center. They operate in secrecy behind closed doors, release no documentation or information and this is a public issue funded with public money. Recall them all!

Monger does good job

I think Doug Monger is a no-frills, straightforward and honest commissioner. He has a difficult and thankless job that is always going to make somebody angry. Even though a recent poor choice of words has stirred a lot of criticism, I believe he acts with the best interest of the Routt County people in mind.

Comment understandable

Doug Monger's terrorist comment is not excused, but understandable. What don't these people understand? The courthouse issue was voted on by the people and decided. With the full knowledge of his position on the courthouse, Doug Monger was re-elected. There are many other important county issues that need to be addressed, so let's move on. After years of this political nonsense the commissioner's language, though regrettable, is quite understandable.

Too many uninsured

This is going to sound cruel and uncaring given the dramatic rescue that took place in the Flat Tops recently, but I spend one week's worth of my monthly pay to have health insurance. Way too often, there are benefits held and funds set up for uninsured people who need major medical help. (The situation is entirely different when insurance does not cover all medical bills.) I am starting to get very angry at the people who refuse to buy health insurance and expect the community to bail them out when they need medical care.

Monger is right

Doug Monger, although he might have been inappropriate in using the word "terrorists," wasn't too far off the point. The people voted for the justice center to be built west of town. The Friends of the Justice Center are trying to hijack the vote of the people.

Monger should resign

Commissioner Doug Monger should resign. If he does not, there should be a recall of all the commissioners. It's time for the public to stand up and be counted. The commissioners do not listen.

Monger must resign

As a Monger-identified terrorist, I think it outrageous that he doesn't have the integrity to resign after such an egregious statement. If he doesn't resign, he'll bring all the other commissioners down with him in a recall vote.

Lafarge way off base

I cannot believe Lafarge is going before the commissioners again for a gravel-pit request. More than 3,000 people have objected to the location of this pit in our beautiful valley and entrance to our town. After the denial of the King Mountain Pit, Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak said there was no need for gravel in the South Valley. So why do they continue to not understand what their constituents are saying.

Remove foundation

I find it very disappointing that the Silver Spur Homeowners Association is far more proactive than the city regarding the responsible completion of structures. Why hasn't the city or building department obtained a court order for the removal of the foundation of the Chadwick, which has remained abandoned at the base of our ski area for more than two years.

Political terrorists

Yes, I do approve of county commissioners' handling of the justice center and the ultimate outcome. If the Friends of the Justice Center used their subversive and anonymous tactics to bully and brainwash the rest of the county into their self-interest for the location, then let them be called what they are: political terrorists.

Board acted properly

I approve of the ultimate outcome on the courthouse. I think the county commissioners properly weighed the cost, the parking issues, the safety issues and the Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan and came to the proper result. The City Council waiving the parking garage doesn't fix the parking issue. I think Doug Monger's comment was out of line, but I also think some of the things the Friends of the Justice Center did were out of line.

Board not listening

No, I think the commissioners have followed their own wants and not followed the needs of their constituency and lost sight of the principles of American government. They need to follow the will of the people, and respect opinions even when they differ from their own.


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